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    12/4/2019 – Complaint Filed for RUNE II Assets


    Hi everyone. We wanted to give you an update on RUNE II and our current status. This message is from the RUNE II Dev Team:

    As we’ve said before, we love this game and we at Ragnarok Game LLC will continue to support RUNE II.  We’ve poured in two-and-a-half years worth of passion and work into this project. And after a successful launch on the Epic Games Store a few weeks ago, we have received so much feedback from this great community.  Our plan is to update and develop future RUNE II content for months to come.  

    As mentioned previously, we had no warning that our long term partner and friends in this project would abandon it during its most crucial moment, leaving our team at Ragnarok Game LLC to shoulder both the development and publishing burden of launch all on its own. 

    Since Human Head’s sudden closure, announcement, and discovering the active concealment of their acquisition, we have repeatedly requested access to the final launch build source code and RUNE II game assets. This is so we can continue to support, update, and execute future DLC for our community. As part of the publishing agreement on RUNE II, Ragnarok Game LLC has paid for the development of these assets and is the rightful owner of them. After repeated refusals by Human Head to produce these assets, we’ve had no choice but to file a legal complaint in order to obtain the RUNE II game assets. We have exhausted all possible options before getting to this point.  This is not the step we wanted to take, but it is necessary in order to fulfill our promises to our community.  

    Again, our plan remains to continue working on RUNE II and launch onto other PC platforms in 2020. Through sharing feedback, many of you have correctly guessed at our future content plans. We eagerly look forward to refocusing the conversation about RUNE II’s bright future and more details of what’s to come. 


    -The RUNE II Team – Matt, Dan, Sam, Sam, Sam, Mitch, James, Tracie, Dan, Ekaterina, Lennon, Anthony, John, and Lobo

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    That’s a total lack of respect for their costumers and would be the least they could have done to compensate the people who gave them money, specially those who pre-ordered. I will make sure to stay far away from their future products.

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    Watching this space.

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    Human Head’s closure was already bad news, but I’m afraid that this new huge problem, especially so short after the launch of the game, will keep even more people from buying Rune II.
    That makes me sad, disappointed, angry and confused. I really don’t understand why things had to turn out like this.

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    Wish you all the best. Keep doing a great job guys.

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    Keep your axes sharp and your mead horns full.

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    I for one would love to continue supporting this game in any way possible. The opportunities and different directions you can take this title is borderline limitless. Let me know where we can help donate, would be more than happy to push for this game!

    Cheers, from Australia!

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