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RUNE II God Slayer and Berserker Rage Edition Updates

09 / 28 / 20
RUNE II God Slayer and Berserker Rage Edition Updates

Earlier last week we were alerted of an issue that was preventing the Berserker Rage and God Slayer bonuses from showing up correctly in inventories. This is now resolved internally and will be fixed in the next live patch on October 5, 2020. 

So what happened that caused these items from not showing up correctly? In the past 10 months, we’ve gotten a ton of community feedback that players who purchased the RUNE II Standard Edition and wanted a way to upgrade to the Berserker Rage or God Slayer editions, but did not (or could not) want to refund RUNE II and repurchase their chosen edition. In working with Epic Games Store Support we implemented new tech that would allow for upgrade paths. 

When we were testing the upgrade paths internally, everything came back green across the board. We logged into our existing live game characters and saw that the God Slayer and Berserker Rage bonuses were populating correctly. We made a lot of new accounts and tested the upgrade paths that way as well, so a new Standard Edition account had the correct items, a Standard Edition >> Berserker Rage upgrade account had the additional Berserker weapons and armor, the Berserker Rage >> God Slayer upgrade account had the God Slayer weapons and armor, etc. 

Then the reports started coming in from players on our official Discord that they weren’t able to see bonus content that they had purchased. Immediately we reached out to our friends at Epic Games to get a full list of all active entitlement and ownership IDs within RUNE II to check that we hadn’t missed any when we were hooking up the upgrade paths system. In the process of checking the entitlements, we discovered an issue where the new tech that we implemented for upgrades was not checking correctly with the old tech to confirm a player’s entitlement ID. Our existing characters on our internal builds were unaffected and showed the God Slayer gear. We discovered and were able to reproduce this issue when we created new characters on our internal builds that did not show any God Slayer gear.

To resolve this issue, we have updated all entitlement IDs to use our new and simplified system. We are in the process of triple checking that the below entitlements and upgrade path entitlements populate successfully:

  • Standard edition entitlements 
  • Berserker Rage entitlements 
  • God Slayer entitlements 
  • Standard edition entitlements >> Berserker Rage upgrade entitlements >> God Slayer upgrade entitlements 
  • Berserker Rage entitlements >> God Slayer upgrade entitlements

Once we verify that all of these are working successfully and as intended this fix will be submitted into our next live patch. We’ll also be able to turn on the store pages for players to upgrade to the Berserker Rage or God Slayer packs from their previous edition.

Additionally, all God Slayer edition owners will get an in-game item for free as a token of goodwill. No action is required to claim this item, it will be automatically added to your account when you login to RUNE II after our next live update on October 5, 2020. 

Please note that in order to use the Berserker Rage and God Slayer bonuses you will need to launch RUNE II through the Epic Games Launcher and not the direct shortcut to the install directory. Big thanks to community member phaz0r on our Discord for helping us figure this one out!

On behalf of myself and the entire Studio 369 dev team, thanks for sticking with us as we’ve worked to resolve this issue. 


Tl;dr: Berserker Rage and God Slayer bonus gear not showing in your inventory is a bug and will be fixed in the next patch on October 5 2020. ALL God Slayer edition owners get an additional in-game item for free.

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