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The RUNE II Public Test Realm is now available!

03 / 10 / 20
The RUNE II Public Test Realm is now available!

We’re very excited to announce the opening of the RUNE II Public Test Realm (PTR). As we talked about in our Spring Roadmap, one of the main things that we’re focusing on is Combat. Starting right now for all new and existing customers of RUNE II on the Epic Games Store, you can download and play with the changes as we work towards our vision of Combat 2.0, new progression systems, and more!

The goal of our new PTR is feedback. Our team wants your feedback to help ensure that we are on the right track.

Any feedback that starts with “I had / did not have fun with this combat test because __________” or “I feel that the combat changes are _____, and this is why I feel that way: _________” is immensely helpful to us. For example “I feel that the combat changes are good, because it lets me react to the combat that’s happening instead of spraying and praying.” The best place to give us feedback is on our official forums in the PTR Discussion Section or on our official Discord.

Please note that the changes we have made are in prototype – there may be bugs and there may be balance issues, or unpolished rough edges. Please make an effort as you’re testing these to distinguish between needed fixes or tweaks, and core concepts that just aren’t working.

The latest updates and patch notes to RUNE II can be found right here.

The PTR is now available to all customers of RUNE II. Hop in, play, and let us know what you think!

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