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RUNE II Fall 2020 Roadmap

10 / 08 / 20
RUNE II Fall 2020 Roadmap

Welcome to the RUNE II 2020 Fall Roadmap. Today we’ll be looking back at what we’ve accomplished as part of the Summer Roadmap and looking forward towards what’s to come.

Prepare to drop.


In the Summer Roadmap we promised an overhaul to the overarching story, critical path, and full narrative. We promised we would hide and then eventually remove The Ragnarok Timer and make the Ages of Ragnarok progress linearly. We told you that we were going to change the Vigrid Plain encounter to be a different experience every time and not having to fight Loki 22+ times. We told you that we were working on a new tutorial that would be more thorough than our previous First Time User Experience. 

As of our Campaign Update, we have achieved all of the above and more. The RUNE II Campaign Update debuts the dungeons of Midgard, the new skill tree system, updated horde events, and additional mythical creatures. An all-new main narrative will replace the old RUNE II storyline, introducing new characters, quests, and an ending sequence fit for a legendary Viking saga. The brand new Campaign Update is a free update for all RUNE II players.


The leaves are changing, the candles are burning, and Pumpkin Spice drinks have shown up everywhere. That can only mean one thing: It’s Fall! Let’s take a more in-depth look at our Fall Roadmap…


As you may have heard in our newest patch, we have a TON of new voices in RUNE II. Our brand new voice acting cast has over 2000+ new lines of dialogue. We’re very pleased with how much more immersive the world of RUNE II has become with a fully voiced cast of characters. We are in the process of adding a few more characters and voices to round out our cast, as well as adding additional audio effects to RUNE II’s voices and gameplay. 


With our newest patch for all players, we’ve added support for UPNP networking. This means that we can now automagically add port forwarding options without you needing to open ports manually on your firewall and router. It’s never been easier to host a RUNE II game, just entering a name in the Campaign character select menu at the bottom. You can find more information at rune2.com/multiplayer

As part of our Fall Roadmap, we will be making improvements to the PvP experience. More to come on this topic soon!


One final chapter of RUNE II is all that remains before the story of Ragnarok comes to a close and RUNE II’s campaign is complete. This chapter will take place immediately after the events of Chapter 3’s ending. Good luck, hero.


We’ve heard that you want to play RUNE II on a gamepad instead of a mouse and keyboard. We are working on full controller support. At the time of writing, we have partial controller support in, with full functionality throughout the menus and game still to come. We’ve got a bit more gamepad work to do internally before we’re ready to release this out for everyone.


As part of the Campaign update we’ve got 3 brand new dungeons in RUNE II. Based on hearing your feedback, you want to see more! We’re putting the finishing touches on one more dungeon for next month. You’ll be plundering the depths of Eldrstadt Castle to retrieve an ancient Norse artifact. Be warned, not all who enter Eldrstadt Castle make it out alive…


We’re wrapping up performance improvements, Steam support and integrations, balance tuning, bug fixes, stability upgrades, optimizations, UPNP support, engine dials, user interface and user experience polish, and more.

In addition to everything above in our Fall 2020 roadmap, here is a complete list of all the work we have done within the last year of development on RUNE II:

  • SIGNIFICANTLY increased optimization and frame rate
  • Greatly improved combat, blocking, and added parrying system
  • Added 200% more new landmass
  • A brand new tutorial
  • Redesigned stamina system
  • Bloodlust system
  • Added skill tree (and the 29 skills that go along with it)
    • 1 new inherent skill
    • 4 new core skills
    • 6 new Thor skills
    • 6 new Odin skills
    • 6 new Hel skills
    • 6 new Heathen skills
  • Brand new narrative and campaign
  • New voiced NPCs (previously there were no open world NPCs you could interact with, only gods that talked at you)
  • New Villages
  • Horde mode events
  • Brand new main and side quests
  • Removed repeatable ages and the Ragnarok Timer
  • Dungeons
  • Boss fights (not just fighting Loki 22 times)
  • Rebalanced enemy difficulty and greatly improved enemy AI
  • Added a dodge roll based on community feedback
  • Greatly improved animations
  • New weapon types
  • Improved player progression
  • Improved one-click co-op experience (previously had to rent a server to play co-op)
  • Revive system in co-op
  • Updated User Interface and User Experience
  • Added attribute points
  • Overhauled the old hunger system (now gives health regen when full, no negatives when hungry)  
  • Updated visuals across the Ages of Ragnarok
  • Added destructible buildings
  • New Bifrost gate attunement respawn system

It’s been a very interesting 11 months since we launched RUNE II in November 2019:

Still have a question about RUNE II and what’s to come? Join our Official Discord and talk to us directly. Operators are standing by!

On behalf of everyone on the RUNE II development team, thank you for your support on our indie game RUNE II. We can’t wait for you to experience RUNE II 2.0, available as a free update for all players next month.

Mitch, out!

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