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The Campaign Update

09 / 09 / 20
The Campaign Update

After months of development from all of us on the Studio 369 team, The Campaign Update will be making its way from the PTR to the RUNE II live client September 9, 2020. The RUNE II Campaign Update will debut the dungeons of Midgard, the new skill tree system, updated horde events, and additional mythical creatures. An all-new main narrative will replace the old RUNE II storyline, introducing new characters, quests, and an ending sequence fit for a legendary Viking saga. The brand new Campaign Update is a free update for all RUNE II players.


The Ragnarok Timer is no more, and the Ages of Ragnarok no longer repeat. We have completely removed the repeatable Agefall fetch quest. RUNE II now follows a linear narrative with main and side quests. The Ages / Chapters of Ragnarok progress linearly with no repetition. You must defeat the boss in the Vigrid Plain to progress to the next Chapter.


Deep within the depths of Midgard, an ancient evil has awoken. Steel yourself and wreck havoc within the first set of dungeons in RUNE II. Rare loot awaits you!


You stand atop the Divine Summit, and the gods themselves call out to you.  themselves call out to you. With promises of power, glory, and honor, each deity beckons you to join them. Which god will you choose to give you the strength needed? Or will you choose to reject their teachings and walk the heathen path?


The Age of Awakening and Age of Frost have gotten a visual makeover. Awakening feels like more of an early dawn feel. Frost feels more wintry. Check out the before/after GIFs!


We have removed the ability for players to choose which Bifrost Gate they spawned upon dying from the death map in favor of an attunement system.

  • If you are not attuned to a Bifrost Gate, you will spawn at the Chapter specific player start.
  • Interacting with a gate that you’re not attuned to will “attune” you. 
  • “Attuned” gates show up highlighted in yellow on the map and become your active respawn point.
  • When dying or relogging, you automatically respawn at attuned gate 
  • Fast travelling to a gate will not automatically attune you, you can choose to do so upon arrival.
  • When losing a fight in the VP, you are specifically attuned and respawned at Heimdall’s Tower Bifrost Gate.
  • When winning a fight in VP and causing the Age of change successfully, your attuned gate is reset and you spawn at the next Chapter-Specific player start.


All rebuildable buildings are now destructible by enemies and players. Check out our interview with Destruction Artist Scott Lopez below!


We have overhauled the Vigrid Plain experience. Challenging new bosses await you at the end of each Chapter. Defeat them to progress onwards!

If you’ve been following our public test realm, this page has all the latest changes between our last PTR build and our newest live build. Otherwise, read on for the cumulative patch notes!

Learn how to host a multiplayer co-op session here: /multiplayer/



  • The Ages of Ragnarok will now traverse linearly. 
  • Added Chapter 1: Awakening, Chapter 2: Fire, and Chapter 3: Frost main and side quests
  • New side quests can be discovered by speaking with villagers and exploring the world.
  • When players successfully defeats the Chapter boss in the Vigrid Plain, the Chapter advances. 
  • Removed voiceover and text about delivering artifacts to a bifrost gate.
  • Reduced frequency of quest completion sounds
  • Removed god weapon crafting paths
    • These will return as legendary gear quests in a future update.


  • Converted one hotbar row from an ITEMS row to a SKILL TREE row.
    • Hold right click while hovering over a skill to learn it.
    • Drag learned skills to your skills hotbar to use them.
    • Active skills require a button press while in your hotbar
    • Passive skills must be in your skill hot bar to be active. 
  • Each skill has up to 9 levels. 
  • There are currently three types of skills the player can learn and use: 
    • Core Skills can be unlocked and upgraded no matter your God affiliation, or lack thereof in the case of the Path of the Heathen. 
    • Specialized Skills can be unlocked no matter your God affiliation, but cannot be upgraded beyond a certain point without the player aligning themselves with the specific God (or no god) that offers that skill.
    • Ultimate Skills are at the end of the skill tree and cannot be unlocked or upgraded unless you are aligned to the God (or no god) that offers that skill.
  • Disabled God abilities granted when pledging.
    • These are now found at the end of your chosen God’s (or lack thereof) skill tree path. 
  • Some skills can be interrupted when cast.

NEW INHERENT SKILL (Always on, does not require a skill point or equipping)

  • Bloodlust: Attacking fills your bloodlust meter. When full, you become bloodlusted and your attack speed increases. Other skills may affect you when bloodlusted.

NEW PASSIVE SKILLS (Must be in hotbar and always on):

CORE SKILLS (Does not require alignment)

  • Endurance: Reduces stamina usage
  • Berserk: Gain critical chance while you are bloodlusted.

THOR SPECIALIZED SKILLS (Requires alignment to Thor for higher tiers)

  • Charged Weapon: Adds elemental damage to all your attacks.
  • Chain Lightning (Ultimate): Imbue yourself with the power of lightning. Attacks deal extra electrical damage and have a chance to chain lightning to the nearest enemy. 

HEL SPECIALIZED SKILLS (Requires alignment to Hel for higher tiers)

  • Vampiric Attack: All attacks grant a lifesteal heal for the player.
  • Death Dealer: Deals damage per second to all nearby enemies.
  • Raise Dead: While bloodlusted, summon a draugr from Hel’s realm to aid you in combat for a short period of time.

ODIN SPECIALIZED SKILLS (Requires alignment to Odin for higher tiers)

  • Odin’s Favor: Increase attack damage for all nearby allies while bloodlusted. 

HEATHEN SPECIALIZED SKILLS (Cannot be aligned to any god for higher tiers)

  • Stoneskin: Grants you a chance to automatically deflect light attacks without blocking, unless you are attacking, 
  • Strength of Conviction: Grants you passive resistance to all elemental damage.
  • Focused Rage: Heals you and grants extra defense when you are bloodlusted. 
  • Frenzy: You cannot be knocked down or staggered while bloodlusted.
  • Reinforcements: Summons a mercenary to aid you in combat. 


NEW ACTIVE SKILLS (Must be in hotbar and requires button press):

CORE SKILLS (Does not require alignment)

  • Invigorate: Increase your health regeneration rate for a short duration
  • Sonic Blast: Scream in a rage, staggering and dealing damage to enemies in a cone in front of you. 

THOR SPECIALIZED SKILLS (Requires alignment to Thor for higher tiers)

  • Smite: Leap forward, smashing the ground at your destination, dealing damage on impact and staggering all nearby enemies. 
  • Ball Lightning: Fires a charged ball of lightning that continuously damages all nearby enemies. 
  • Hammer Throw: Throws an elemental hammer imbued with lightning. Impacted enemies will be stunned and take damage. 
  • Summon Boar: Call the mythical boar Gullinbursti to aid you in battle.

HEL SPECIALIZED SKILLS (Requires alignment to Hel for higher tiers)

  • Hel’s Call: Stuns nearby enemies and reduces their attack speed for a short period of time.
  • QuickEnd: Gain bonus movement speed. Your attacks cannot be blocked, dodged, or parried for a short time.
  • Frost Shards (Ultimate): Ice spikes erupt from the earth, knocking down and heavily damaging all enemies.

ODIN SPECIALIZED SKILLS (Requires alignment to Odin for higher tiers)

  • Radiant Soul: Heals yourself and all nearby allies.  
  • Odin’s Blessing: Grants additional defense to all nearby allies for a short period of time. 
  • Ally: Calls one of Odin’s wolves to aid you in combat for a short time. 
  • Raven Call (Ultimate): A swarm of ravens swirls around you, damaging enemies and healing allies.
  • Spear Throw: Throw a holy spear at your target, dealing damage and setting them on fire.

HEATHEN SPECIALIZED SKILLS (Cannot be aligned to any god for higher tiers)

  • Denounce The Gods (Ultimate): Fully heals you and increases your max HP for a short period of time. 



  • Removed day / night HUD element.
  • RUNE II now pauses in Single Player when opening the inventory, map, or adventures menu.
    • Background is saturated while game is paused
    • Progress bar on consumable inventory slots stays “filled” until the game is unpaused and the item is used.
  • Updated compass UI to make it more prominent and larger.
    • Main quest, side quest, bifrost gates, other players, and nearby quest givers now show in the compass.
  • Renamed QUIT GAME >> QUIT TO DESKTOP. Moved SAVE GAME option higher. 
  • Reduced damage number sizes
  • Changed the font on dialogue boxes and made the font smaller.
  • Removed “Warning: You will drop artifacts” on fast travel UI screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing the screen to flicker every time you get XP or Health orbs
  • Moved all quest pop ups to a gold box underneath the tracker widgets.
  • Updated quests to initially show you their descriptions, and then transition to individual tasks.
  • Display stat modifiers as “buffs” or “debuffs” in the stats display on the HUD
  • Show proper warning when god alignment is impossible
  • Updated Villagers greet icons with colored god icons.
  • Updated all dialogue text to show for at least 10 seconds.
  • Added an accessory slot to the player’s equipment
  • Added a glowing border to quest-critical items in the inventory, hot bar, and crafting menu.
  • Updated tooltip from “New Raid Started” to “Prepare your defenses. A horde of enemies approaches!”
  • Moved MASTER VOLUME slider to the top of the audio settings menu.
  • Updated health orb particle that drops from enemies to be red. 
  • Updated main menu boxes.
  • Added side quest tracking. 
    • Show the current selected sidequest task in the left hand quest panel. 
    • Side quest waypoints now show on the map and in the world.
  • Updated HUD icons for main and side quest tracking to match ingame waypoints
  • Main quest waypoints are green, sidequest waypoints are blue.
  • Updated UI for completed quests.
  • Added rebuild UI to player HUD when a structure is damaged but not destroyed.
  • Repositioned camera for character paper doll in inventory.
  • Adjusted damage number sizing. 
  • Significantly increased various text sizes throughout the UI
  • Updated Rune of Teleport description to state that it’s a currency for fast travel in Midgard.
  • All “toast” and “feedback” events now use the same UI widget popup system as item pickups in the lower right corner. 
  • Updated dialogue speaker icons with god alignment icons.
  • Added teleport rune particle when a gate is successfully attuned to. 
  • Updated localization entries for tips and FTUE keys to be more correct with our new features.
  • Fixed an issue where the inventory UI would flicker
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect gate colors on the map.
  • Updated friendly elites to have green health bars
  • Removed old god power indication on player HUD.
  • Removed Old Wotenkeld Island from Main map.
  • Removed artifacts screen.
  • Renamed menu options to “Campaign” and “Join”. 
  • Added an option to “Host” a campaign game.
  • Updated map zoom distance. 
  • Added a TOGGLE HUD option in settings 
  • Increased distance of visible quest indicators on villagers to 30m
  • Updated villager icons. 
  • COOP Player, bifrost gate, and nearby available quests tracking are now shown on the compass
  • Added a tooltip to use Control to heavy attack for more of the first enemy encounters.


  • Added three new dungeons to RUNE II.
    • Interact with their entrance to load into the dungeon map, fight your way through, and get the loot at the end!
  • Skadi’s Cavern
  • Raven’s Keep
  • Gorsimi Tunnel


  • Re-enabled cooperative play in Campaign
  • Enemies increase in power as players join and decrease in power as players leave.
  • Players now spawn next to the host.
  • Only the host can fast travel and change difficulty settings.
  • Added revive system.
  • Added player death particle.
  • Added death camera while waiting to be revived.
  • Added co-op tether.
  • Added shared experience for enemies and quests.
  • Fixed an issue where loading screens would temporarily show when new players joined your game session.
  • Updated joined / left messages to print in the chatbox whenever a player joins / leaves your game session.
  • Updated chatbox to print messages whenever the host changes the difficulty level.


  • Updated visuals on Age of Awakening.
  • Updated visuals on Age of Frost
  • Updated world boundary in map edges. 
  • Deleted old stone platforms at the edge of the map.
  • Created new Landscape for transition areas into the outer mountain range.
  • Placed more mountains in the world.
  • Added additional landmass to the world. 
  • Moved Thor village lorestone
  • Lowered water OWE locations to prevent random objects floating in the air.
  • Added Forge and Armory to Ormblota Hof
  • Moved Big Ruin Island closer to the center of the map.
  • Moved Hideout Island closer to the center of the map.
  • Deleted stupid useless boulders in the middle of nowhere.
    • Up yours, boulders.
  • Fixed an issue where a stupid useless boulder was floating in midair.
    • How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, boulder?!?
  • Removed non-harvestable trees on Bandit King’s island
  • Moved the village trees in Heimdall’s village to the edges per Matt’s request.
  • Expanded landmass and cleared the center area on Horned God Island.
  • Removed Snow foliage and useless boulders from central islands.
  • Removed unharvestable trees.
  • Removed Old Wotenkeld island from campaign map, to be used in the instanced tutorial.
  • Removed all buildable ground vaults.
  • Removed obstructive set dressing outside of Odin’s village.
  • Added Seer Hut building
  • Optimized character textures.
  • Filled in a spot near the divine summit where players could fall through the map.
  • Clean up obstructive set dressing near Kospr
  • Added additional landmass to the world.
  • Added Age of Frost specific geometry.
    • Winter is coming.
  • Improved marketplace optimization.
  • Added additional item icons.
  • Added additional Viking Longships.
  • Added more placed ships around the world.
  • Added additional open world events throughout the world
  • Updated Barrier visual effects.


  • Rebalanced enemy stats per level.
  • Updated enemy level ranges, per campaign chapter.
  • Added additional roaming elites and quest enemy variations.
  • Added Werewolf.
  • Added Bears.
    • Bears now attack villagers, and villagers flee from bears
  • Increased Giant speed.
  • Updated Giant’s slam to display an AoE on the ground.
  • Updated “Kung Fu Circle” behavior to terminate when enemies take damage
  • Updated Draugr hit reactions.
  • Updated AI defense values for use with new defense formula. 
  • Updated experience values for killing enemies.
  • Updated level bounds for quest enemies.
  • Updated AI behavior when blocking and circle strafing. 
    • There should be less waiting in between stuff.
  • Made enemies better at attacking structures and god statues without looking out of place.
  • Fixed an issue where a draugr elite could moonwalk towards you while attacking.
  • Fixed a lot of AI combat animations and behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where several AI types tried to drown themselves when pathing to you 
  • Fixed issues where the mead dwarf and deer wouldn’t flee.
  • Increased Surtblod Warriors health and attack damage
  • Removed knockdown effect from Surtblod Warrior’s dash attack.
    • Still a homing missile though, but now can be parried!


  • Replaced guard towers with archer towers.
  • Villagers that you meet in later Chapters are now higher levels
  • Added seers, who wield a fancy staff.
    • Stick em with the pointy end.
  • Blacksmiths now wield an equally fancy hammer.
  • Added the Marketplace.
  • Added workstations for villagers.
  • Added the ability for villagers to follow you.
  • Updated Heimdall, Hel, Thor and Odin’s villages.
  • Replaced the eyes on the Seers and put a scowl on the one without the skull mask. 
    • She’s just not happy with you.
  • Added farms to the farms.
    • Beware any man that keeps more than 6 pigs.
  • Increased the landscape around existing villages.
  • Added new Heimdall village with additional villagers.
  • Added the Seers.
  • Increased building and god statue health.
  • Mead barrel now gives mead once every 2 minutes.
    • Whet your whistle!
  • Villager NPCs now look at the player when focusing on them.
  • Updated villager wave animations.
  • Updated villagers to be visually unique per village.
  • Fixed an issue where foliage would appear in built buildings.
  • Fixed an issue where villagers could greet the player while giving a quest. 
  • Increased range that allows players to interact with objects that are near rebuildables if they are looking right at them and closer to them than they are to the rebuildable.
  • Increased villager interaction range.
  • Updated rebuildable UI to now direct players to Hold E, not just Press E.
  • Updated longhouse interiors. 
  • Greatly optimized marketplace performance. 
  • Removed weapon pickup barrels in Thor’s village.
  • Removed floating foliage and rocks throughout the world. 
  • Updated villager levels.
  • Added an additional archer tower to Heimdall’s village. 
  • Added lone NPC to Thor’s village if you visit it early


  • Removed random horde modes events. Horde events are now triggered naturally throughout the new campaign. 
    • Horde mode quests will now fail when the statue is destroyed.
  • Removed level scaling enemies from Horde
  • Removed level scaling from Horde mode events.
  • Adjusted time between horde mode waves
  • Increased Odin statue’s hitpoints
  • Increased the number of enemies per horde event wave


  • All buildings have been overhauled and can now be destroyed! 
  • Buildings have multiple states of destruction: Built, partially built, damaged, destroyed.
  • Added particle effects to building destruction.
  • Added sound effects to building destruction.


  • Added new bosses for Chapters 1, 2, and 3.
  • Dying in the Boss encounter will now send you back to the previous age and set your attuned Bifrost Gate to Heimdall’s tower.
  • Successfully completing the Loki encounter will send you to the next chapter.
  • Updated enemies within the Vigrid Plain to spawn at the player’s level.
  • Fixed an issue where Loki would throw you out too early while fighting in the Vigrid Plain.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn invisibly in the Vigrid Plain. 
  • Fixed an issue where players could stay in the Vigrid Plain after dying.


  • Added difficulty options to RUNE II. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ragnarok. 
    • Ragnarok difficulty will make Dan Felts cry.
  • Lorestone recipes now award based on radial level from the center of the map.
    •  Lower level recipes near the center, higher level recipes near the edge.
  • Updated recipe progression for leveling up.
  • Updated region level ranges of enemies.
  • Increased main and side quest reward experience.
  • Increased experience gained by defeating Vigrid Plain encounters.
  • Updated Defense Formula. Defense now subtracts directly from damage dealt.
    • Example: If you have 50 attack and an enemy has 40 defense, you will deal 10 damage to that enemy. 50dmg – 40dmg = 10dmg.
    • If your damage does not exceed the enemies’ defense you will do 1 damage per hit.
  • Rebalanced player stats.
  • Reduced damage gained from XP levels.
  • Updated recipe awarded from lorestones and leveling up. 
  • Removed God alignment gating. 
  • Fixed an issue where god-related progression stats weren’t working.


  • Removed No Repair and Break On No Durability from all possible mod configurations.
  • Removed the always-on “break on no durability” for armor.
  • Renamed Worker’s Axe >> Work Axe
  • Lowered crafting requirements for Work Axe
  • Reintroduced random mods when crafting 
    • On a lower chance than before.
    • Mods are capped to item rarity + 1 
    • Example: A crafted common sword can roll with uncommon mods, but not with rare or higher mods.
  • Adjusted god alignment loot drops
  • Balance pass on armor and shield durability
  • Updated crafting requirements for consumable recipes
    • Runes and arrows take less resources to craft.
  • Increased the minimum quantity of Runes that come out of chest.
  • Decreased Fire Giant Blood drop rate from Surtblod Warriors
  • Adjusted human enemy loot drops.
  • Boats are now 20% faster.
  • Updated items that previously salvaged into nothing to salvage into something. 
  • Renamed Spike Trap >> Trap Spike
  • Removed bucket from Rune Forge
  • Removed level requirements on elemental arrows
  • Salamanders now restore stamina
  • Updated max carrying limit for materials and some consumables, all consumables raised to 999 max
  • Whetstones now repair all items in inventory. 
  • Updated Defense values for armor to fit new formula.
  • Health orb that drops from enemies now applies faster
  • Fixed an incorrect shield icon.
  • Made all quest items Legendary rarity


  • Reworked artifact functionality. Artifacts are now accessory items that provide unique bonuses. You can only have one artifact equipped at a time.
  • Updated artifact accessories with new buffs. 
  • Most artifacts now pop out of enemies/are in the world, rather than going straight to your inventory from enemy or chest.
  • Updated Artifact accessory names and related buffs.


  • Combined pickaxe and woodcutter axe into one tool: Work Axe.
    • Worker’s Axe instantly mines rocks and cuts trees.
    • All for only one easy payment of $29.99, free shipping and handling!
  • Updated large tooltip boxes in tutorial. 
    • Now has pages, which we’ve been told is called “pagination”. 
  • Updated quest flow for crafting and salvaging.
  • Updated compass work to properly in Tutorial
  • Sculpted the village landscape to match the placed buildings.
  • Updated quest descriptions.
  • Removed all recipes from lorestones except the two in the village.
  • Removed binding stone chains. 
  • Fixed scripted spawn respawns.
  • Updated dialogue. 
  • Reduced sailing distance in tutorial. 
  • Added quest task text for picking up Hrym’s sword.
  • Added Redesigned Tutorial to the main menu.
  • Redesigned tutorial removes everything but Old Wotenkeld island from the world map.


  • Updated Villager taunts, waves, idle, and walks
  • Updated double-tap dodge animation blends.
  • Dodge roll puts out fire. 
    • Stop, drop, and roll!
  • Dodge roll chains better out of attacks, and attacks chain better out of dodge roll.


  • Added temp voiceover dialogue for some new characters and dialogue. 
  • Updated ambient sounds
  • Fixed distance attenuation for thunder
  • Added dragon sounds.
  • Adjusted dialog voiceovers.
  • Whispers that played the Age of Fire have been YEETED THE F**K OUT.
  • Added new ambient audio.
  • Removed god alignment dialogue.


  • Removed the ability for players to choose which bifrost gate they spawned at upon dying.
  • Changed the respawn system >> Bifrost Gate Attunement
    • If you are not attuned to a gate, you will spawn at age specific player start 
    • Interacting with a gate that you’re not attuned to will “attune” you. 
    • “Attuned” gates show up highlighted in yellow on the map and become your active respawn point.
    • When dying or relogging, you automatically respawn at attuned gate 
    • Fast travelling to a gate will not automatically attune you, you can choose to do so upon arrival.
    • When losing a fight in the VP, you are specifically attuned and respawned at heimdall’s gate.
    • When winning a fight in VP (i.e. Age change) your attuned gate is reset and you spawn at the Age-Specific player starts
    • Teleporting to a Bifrost Gate via the Map now costs 1 teleport rune
  • Added player spawn points at different locations per specific ages.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t spawn if save data or attunement wasn’t correctly found.


  • Greatly increased optimization on graphics, sound, and engine.
  • Fixed an issue where save file size could exponentially increase, leading to save files being over 1GB.
  • Fixed several issues where save data could be written incorrectly when loading different levels. 
  • 16660 [GENERAL] Replaced intro movie. 
  • Implemented save versioning for world save files, which will also nuke all old world saves for people.
  • Dodge roll now always corresponds with actual travel direction, and you can’t jump while staggered.
  • Fixed an issue that caused old character data to persist after dying. 
    • This could result in an unwanted collision with Bifrost Gates or respawning under the map.
  • Fixed an issue where quests that should have auto-activated would fail to activate.
    • Thank you community members Dankina and SuStel for helping us track down and solve this issue!
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen would disappear too early. 
  • Fixed an issue where god alignment could change field of view. 


  • Added a preview of [REDACTED] mode to RUNE II.
  • Added a way for players to find [REDACTED] mode inside of RUNE II.
    • Find it for yourself. Good luck!

Known issues:

  • Mods may roll on items incorrectly.
  • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • The map of Midgard shows the old map instead of the new map.
  • Weapons may appear stuck in your hand
    •  Quit to the main menu and reopen your game to resolve (remember to attune to the closest bifrost gate!)
  • Gated items and skills may appear locked on the level you can start to wield them
    • This is a visual bug, they are still wieldable.
  • Dialogue cards may be mismatched to the incorrect speaker.
  • Some enemies drank from the wrong mead barrel and are incorrectly invisible 
  • Completing any rebuildable will finish the task if your current task is to rebuild something
  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.
  • May experience compatibility issues with old save files. Creating a new character is REQUIRED.

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