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Duplicity Update 2.0.19209 Patch Notes

12 / 17 / 20
Duplicity Update 2.0.19209 Patch Notes

Duplicity Update 2.0.19209 Patch Notes — December 17, 2020

Thank you for playing RUNE II: Decapitation Edition. We at Studio 369 are committed to supporting RUNE II: Decapitation Edition post-launch. Visit rune2.com/roadmap for a more detailed look into what we’re working on right now.

☆ are changes based on COMMUNITY FEEDBACK


  • Added new Goblin Mine Dungeon and Goblin enemies.
    • Find the entrance near Midgard’s marketplace.
  • Added new Last Viking Standing and Last Clan Standing PvP modes.
    • These new PvP modes blend high risk and high reward with RUNE II’s fast action combat! 
    • Think you’re better than the dev team? Challenge us on Friday (12/18), Monday (12/21), and Tuesday (12/22) starting at 3pm PST!
  • ☆ Added a new Dual Wielding weapon set, Dual Raven Axes.
  • ☆ Added 21 new Steam Achievements. 
  • Added initial Online Character XP (only displayed in scoreboard). 
    • Earn XP from killing NPCs, players, and winning rounds.



  • Fixed duplicate characters loading the wrong save slot
  • ☆ Updated UPnP error messages.
  • Goldberg.


  • Adjusted pickups and visuals on Arena, Lost Thorstadt, and Redheim PvP maps.
  • Implemented a “ready up” system with a much longer startup period unless everybody is ready. Add a skull icon to dead players on the scoreboard.
  • Adjusted Bow Stamina Usage 
  • Fix staggered state to disallow dodge roll while staggered
  • Disabled damage on Force Runes 
  • Increase revive time from .75s >> 2s 


  • ☆ Arrows no longer auto-add to the gear wheel. 
  • ☆ Updated dodge roll movements to work based on root motion and rotate based on velocity
  • Increased Ice Grenade ground and character effect duration.


  • ☆ Added Abandoned Village, Brewer’s Guild Village, Dwarven Crystal Cave, Monster Hunter Guild’s Village, Raiders Outpost, and Giant’s Cave to the world.
  • ☆ Added new side quests
    • Thom’s Son is the representative from the Hunter’s Guild. Hunt some fauna for him to prove you’re worth his time. 
    • Huntsmaster Ulfred has taken notice of your representation. Hunt more fauna and he’ll reward you with a recipe for the Huntsmater of the Realmkeeper legendary bow. 
    • Belva challenges you to a drinking contest. Can you outdrink her? 
    • Captain Dryden lost his boat at sea. Help cheer him up.
    • Exiled singer Hertha requests your aid in searching for a mythical creature to help redeem herself. She’ll give you a legendary armor recipe for helping her.
    • Free Teki from Raven’s Keep jail cell and he’ll handsomely reward you with allmetal.
    • Help Nomad Ake care for his sick wife.
  • Added 300% more festive cheer throughout the world and enemies.
  • Adjusted enemy placements throughout the open world
  • ☆ Updated NPC models to make them more unique
  • ☆ Updated enemy aggro ranges
  • Fixed Brynja despawning too early
  • Fixed enemy visuals persisting after their death
  • ☆ Fixed draugr shield launching players upon contact


  • ☆ Added skip dialog gamepad button prompt
  • Fixed issue where players could get stuck in Game + UI mode after exiting root menu  
  • ☆ Updated tooltips to display Mouse and Keyboard or Gamepad keys, depending on which input you’re using. 
  • Updated default emote menu key to X


  • Added additional voiceovers.
  • ☆ Added additional weapon sound effects.


  • Restoring characters from a friend’s hosted game into a new universal character slot may not work as intended.
  • Universal characters that start in a PvP mode and then play co-op after may see their teammates as enemies.
  • Online xp may reset between characters and sessions.
  • Co-op connectivity may not work as intended.

For a full list of known issues, visit our Known Issues page at https://rune2.com/knownissues.


As a special thanks for all the feedback and reviews you’ve given us since launch, all players will be able to claim the FREE Wolf Armor and Gear set DLC.

Please keep the steam reviews and feedback coming! We are actively looking at them and improving RUNE II daily!  

STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1484870/RUNE_II_Wolf_Armor__Weapon_Set 

Epic Games: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/rune-2/wolf-gear-set 

The Wolf Armor + Weapon Set is available in RUNE II: Decapitation Edition as an in-game recipe.

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