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RUNE II 2.0.18927 Patch Notes | FREE Armor & Weapon Set

12 / 04 / 20
RUNE II 2.0.18927 Patch Notes | FREE Armor & Weapon Set

Thank you for playing RUNE II: Decapitation Edition. We at Studio 369 are committed to supporting RUNE II: Decapitation Edition post-launch. Visit rune2.com/roadmap for a more detailed look into what we’re working on right now.

☆ are changes based on COMMUNITY FEEDBACK


Universal Characters

  • Pre-Existing Campaign characters will be automatically converted to UNIVERSAL CHARACTERS which you can bring into your friend’s hosted games.
  • Characters that you have created on a friend’s hosted session will be available to COPY into a universal character slot when you join your friend’s session. 
  • When you join your friend’s hosted session, RUNE II will ask you if you want to use this legacy character as one of your universal characters. This is a one time process.
  • In PvP modes, you will use your universal character’s appearance ONLY. No levels, gear, or skills will carry over.
  • Added additional universal character slots.

Keybindings and Controller Remapping

  • Added the ability to remap gamepad buttons
  • Added a system that restores missing input values automatically so users no longer need to manually delete their input.ini files to reset inputs.
  • Fixed inputs that could not be remapped 
  • Fixed resetting defaults inputs would corrupt input axis values

Free Wolf Gear and Weapons DLC


  • ☆ Added an option to disable screenshake 
  • ☆ Added an option to play background audio when RUNE II is not in focus 
  • ☆ Added a “hide password” checkbox when creating a hosted game session.
  • ☆ Hid confirm button so null slot can’t be accidentally selected
  • ☆ Increased skill cooldown size
  • Updated menu flow to support new universal characters


  • ☆ Made it clearer you can craft any realm weapon for the last quests
  • ☆ Call out that aligning to a god is a permanent decision 
  • ☆ Fixed Esulia in Age of Night not accepting the mushroom side quest turn in.
  • ☆  Clearly state that skills must be equipped after learning
  • Added Captain Dryden’s quest
  • Added Belva’s quest
  • Updated Elder Esulia, Hunter Katya, Miner Arnleif, Miner Radmir models to make them more unique.
  • Fixed Hel’s frost shard skill particle effects
  • Fixed prologue horde starting too early
  • Fixed hordes not despawn properly
  • Fixed enemies entering a non-combat stance while in combat.


  • ☆ Added a longer hit stop when hitting enemies with melee weapons in Single Player


  • ☆ Increased timeout length when joining game sessions
  • ☆ Added Blocking Volumes under all bifrost gates to prevent co-op clients from falling through the world.
  • ☆ Fixed negative ping showing when sessions are unreachable
  • ☆ Fixed co-op players getting stuck in a death loop when dying in unreachable places.


  • Added Lost Thorstadt PvP map. An ancient outpost of Lost Thorstadt has been taken by a clan of Wolf Masters and they are defending it against an onslaught of invaders. 
  • Added Redheim PvP map. Battle across Redheim! Where giants fall amongst hidden ruins in this lost island forest.
  • ☆ Updated weapon balance


  • Players may experience a possible death loop in co-op when falling from the bridge in Skadi’s Cavern or Elderstadt Castle
    • To escape, return to the main menu and reload your game.
  • Players may experience co-op open world PVP after loading a character that was used for DM or TDM, to reset to Non-PVP co-op
    • To reset your status, restart RUNE II: Decapitation Edition
  • A saved universal character may incorrectly display as level 1 in the character select screen but will display the correct level once loaded.
  • Sailing may not work as intended in a co-op campaign.

For a full list of known issues, visit our Known Issues page at https://rune2.com/knownissues.


As a special thanks for all the feedback and reviews you’ve given us since launch, all players will be able to claim the FREE Wolf Armor and Gear set DLC.

Please keep the steam reviews and feedback coming! We are actively looking at them and improving RUNE II daily!  

The Wolf Armor + Weapon Set is available in RUNE II: Decapitation Edition as an in-game recipe.

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