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RUNE II: Decapitation Edition Update 2.0.18785 Patch Notes

11 / 20 / 20
RUNE II: Decapitation Edition Update 2.0.18785 Patch Notes

Thank you for playing RUNE II: Decapitation Edition. We at Studio 369 are committed to supporting RUNE II: Decapitation Edition post-launch. Visit rune2.com/roadmap for a more detailed look into what we’re working on right now and what we’ll be working on next.


  • Fixed the “Open Adventures” keybind not displaying. 


  • Added more enemy flinches when being attacked on a cooldown
  • Fixed dodge roll vulnerability to stagger if you are in the air


  • Removed “Pick Up Hrym’s Greatsword” as a required quest because it could be a progression blocker in rare circumstances.
  • Adjusted open world enemy spawns
  • Fixed visual bug on barrier around Skadi’s Cavern entrance
  • Fixed Nomad Ake’s side quest


  • Updated grenade damage types
  • Rebalanced Copper gear for level 4
  • Decreased Health and Stamina Runes visual effects.


  • Added new weapon impacts sounds. 
  • Adjusted volume for Gods dialogue. 


  • Fixed chests not spawning runes. 
  • Removed Defensive and Health passive stats for Shields. 
  • Adjusted 1h weapon dmg balance against 2h weapons across the board. 
  • Set bracers to 1 defense, for pvp set total of 8 defense. 
  • Rebalanced elemental weapon spawn chance on Divine Chest

For a full list of known issues, visit our Known Issues page at https://rune2.com/knownissues.

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