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RUNE II: Decapitation Edition Update 2.0.18750 Patch Notes

11 / 19 / 20
RUNE II: Decapitation Edition Update 2.0.18750 Patch Notes

Thank you for playing RUNE II: Decapitation Edition. We at Studio 369 are committed to supporting RUNE II: Decapitation Edition post-launch. Visit rune2.com/roadmap for a more detailed look into what we’re working on right now and what we’ll be working on next.


  • Updated Garbage Collection settings to remove constant hitching
    • What this means: Unreal Engine 4 makes a bunch of objects while you play. Eventually those objects are destroyed or no longer used, but they are still sitting around taking up memory. Garbage collection cleans them up by deleting them and freeing up the memory they took. 
    • What you’ll notice: Constant hitching in the world is gone. You may experience a small hitch when opening the inventory menu in Single Player, when closing any menus, on player death, and when loading a new chunk of the world.
  • Reduced Odin skills visual effects based on community feedback. 
  • Fixed chat not working in the prologue.
  • Fixed rafts and boats not functioning correctly.
  • Music and ambient audio now plays in menus 
  • Updated startup video.

Full Patch Notes


  • Removed block warmup with shield. Blocking is now instant.
  • Jump attacks now stagger non-blocking enemies
  • Increased jump attack damage.
  • Arrows will now cause flinch on a sprinting player.
  • Sprint is disabled while flinching.
  • Thrown weapons will now knock down sprinting players.
  • Players will get staggered if hit while jumping or sprinting
  • Added additional 0.3 cooldown to dodge roll
  • Reduced projectile speed of thrown 2h weapons by 20% 
    • Except spears. Stick em with the pointy end.
  • Reduced damage multiplier of thrown weapons 
    • 1h weapons: 2 >> 1.8x 
    • Spears from 3->2.5x
    • 2h weapons remain at 2x, no change
  • Adjusted weapon hot states during heavy attacks for AI to provide a more accurate hit during enemy lunge animations. 
  • Fixed AI that could block while holding a bow. 
  • Reduced Health and Stamina rune visual effects based on community feedback.


  • Spread out enemy density across Midheim
  • Adjusted all enemy respawn times
  • Adjusted boss scaling
  • Buffed Blood weapons
  • Tweaked early Allmetal gear stats
  • Lowered Copper gear level requirement from 6 to 4
  • Reduced enemy pushback ability’s range
  • Reduced Allmetal drop rates
  • Changed Dwarf blood icon
  • Increased drop rate of Dwarf Blood
  • Raised max spike trap stack to 99
  • Updated wieldable limb stats
  • Fixed “Locked In” quest not showing location until you entered the dungeon
  • Fixed Zsanet’s name


  • Changed “God Power” >> “Skill Power Bonus”
  • Fixed an issue where “view lore” keybind was missing


  • Added gamepad button prompt for placeable items
  • Added gamepad button prompt for rebuildable progress widget


  • Adjusted blocking and parrying visual effects.
  • Relocated trees and rocks within villages. 
  • Updated Wolf Ally visual effects.
  • Fixed Fire Giant textures not displaying properly


  • Updated UI sounds
  • Increased weapon whooshes and player attack sounds
  • Increased music volume in game
  • Increased Story Dialogue overall slightly
  • Decreased ambient audio 
  • Decreased volumes on Radiant Soul and Ball Lightning skills
  • Decreased all equip/unequip sounds
  • Decreased enemy vocal FX
  • Decreased Level Ups and all musical Stingers


  • Removed all grenade pickups
  • Added 4 new grenade chests with a random chance to spawn grenades. 
  • Added Divine Chest 
  • Adjusted various timings on releasing weapon during throw
  • Adjusted all PvP helmets to have the same defense value
  • Replaced Short Swords with Viking Short Swords
  • Decreased damage on bows 
  • Decreased max PVP grenade stack to 5
  • Fixed revive particles showing for players not on your team. 
  • Fixed deathball self-kills giving a point. 


  • The adventures menu may not be accessible by pressing Y.
    • As a workaround, close RUNE II, then delete your config folder in C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Rune\Saved\Config. Relaunch RUNE II. You can get to your local app data folder quickly by following these: https://i.imgur.com/ICqULcl.png

For a full list of known issues, visit our Known Issues page at https://rune2.com/knownissues.

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