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RUNE II Update 1.1.14177 Patch Notes

05 / 01 / 20
RUNE II Update 1.1.14177 Patch Notes

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This page is for die-hard fans that have been following RUNE II’s development patches and contains the differences between RUNE II 1.0.919 and RUNE II 1.1.14177. To view the full cumulative notes of the RUNE II Lazarus Update, go here!


Villages and Villagers:

  • Added the ability for villagers to give you side-quests.
    • Villagers will beckon you over when they have a quest for you.
    • Villagers that can give you a quest have an icon above their head.
  • Added Odin, Hel, and Thor statues to villages
  • Made villager greetings more substantial
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Villager dialog is too loud in multiplayer.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: God dialog may play over villager dialog.
  • Added community names to villagers.
  •  Fixed an issue where villagers wouldn’t respawn after age change or game reloads.



  • Added combo animations on 1 handed swords.


Player specific

  • Fixed an issue where jump while standing in place went backwards instead of straight up.
  • Fixed several issues related to save data in Single Player and Multiplayer Campaign. 
    • If you had a character that was wiped, logging in on them again should restore your save file.


Enemy Behavior:

  • Fixed an issue where AI would freeze mid-combat to taunt you.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy animations would abort sporadically.
  • Fixed an issue where AI got stuck in building interiors.
  • Fixed an issue where archers would fire arrows while knocked down or staggered.



  • Fixed an issue where dodging repeatedly allowed you to fly 50+ feet in the air.


Enemy Loot:

  • Adjusted minion loot outcomes.
  • Reduced size of item materials that drop from enemies. 


Player Loot

  • Added new Realm weapon skins and icons.
  • Adjusted longsword size.
  • Added additional weapon variations.
  • Updated elemental weapon icons.
    • Known issue: Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • Decreased Critical Damage and Critical Chance across the board.
  • Removed mods from equipment that lowered your power level.
  • Increased amount of resources needed to craft Loki slaying weapons.
  • Adjusted chest loot tables.
  • Fixed an issue where materials could spawn with mods. 
    • Goodbye, mighty blessed allmetal of tenacity. 


User Interface and User Experience

  • Updated UI for health, stamina, and XP meter. 
  • Added attrition effects to health and stamina bars.
  • Temporarily disabled popup boxes when opening inventory for the first time.
    • These will return at a later date, in a different form.
  • Changed “Paths” >> “Side Quests” in adventures panel header and HUD.



  • Updated Map with God village locations, colored markers, and names.
  • Removed fog of war from the map.


OWEs and Open World:

  • Fixed an issue where enemy character names would show the wrong name. 
  • Fixed an issue where elites would use the wrong health bar color. 
  • Adjusted player spawn points. 
  • Added additional enemies and elites throughout the world.
  • Adjusted existing enemy spawning locations throughout the world. 
  • Decreased frequency of Loki’s meteors throughout Midgard.


Artifacts and Progression

  • Adjusted experience gain per enemy level for all levels.
  • Fixed an issue where Path of the Armorsmith directed you to craft the wrong item. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from progressing Thor’s Path of the Hammersmith.


Ages of Ragnarok:

  • Increased Ragnarok Timer for all ages. 
  • Fixed an issue where ships could be used in the Age of Frost. 


Misc Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where enemies wouldn’t flinch/stagger when they were supposed to.
  • Fixed an issue allowing enemies to lunge while they were reacting
  • Fixed a bug allowing a player to lunge while staggered/knocked down
  • Fixed an issue where consumables couldn’t activate unless the animation played
  • Blocks no longer cancel an attack while weapon is hot, but can be used to “feint” attacks before weapon goes hot (to bait enemies into blocking or dodging)
  • Fixed cases where player could jump when you shouldn’t be able to (like during lunge or knockdown)
  • Fixed an issue where AI would get stuck and not attack or move
  • Fixed an issue where players could turbo left-click unintentionally
  • Fixed some cases where AI would get blocked, and then just stare at the player for several seconds while waiting for their combo to end. 
  • Fixed various edge cases with chaining attacks into blocks. 
  • Fixed an issue where a blood splatter would play when blocking or parrying instead of the correct VFX.
  • Fixed an issue where chaining into the block animation would lock your character


Known issues:

  • The tooltip for dismantling items (Left mouse + right mouse when hovering over an item) is disabled.
  • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
  • Villager narration may use the wrong voice over.
  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.
  • May experience compatibility issues with old save files.


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