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RUNE II Update 1.0.919 Patch Notes

04 / 17 / 20
RUNE II Update 1.0.919 Patch Notes

RUNE II is now available for purchase. Buy your copy today here! 

The RUNE II update 1.0.919 is now live! All players will need to download RUNE II update 1.0.919 from the Epic Games Store to receive this update. All servers (rented and hosted) will need to be restarted to receive this update.



  • Light attacks now perform infinite combos. 
  • Eliminated the delay after combo attacks for players. 
    • This allows players to transition directly back into their combo animations. 
  • Added a 2nd combo animation for combos that only had one animation.
  • Improved environment-based recoil for long weapons like 2 handed swords and hammers.
  • A Red Glow now indicates a Heavy Attack
  • Parrying system implemented
    • SFX and VFX activate when you successfully block and parry.
    • PARRIED and BLOCKED text are disabled by unchecking “damage numbers” in settings.
  • Dodging is now on by default and cannot be turned off. 
  • Blocking at the right time will cause you to parry against an enemy, opening them up for an attack or two!
  • Added a slight pain cool down to flinch reactions.
  • Added the ability to chain your dodge into a block.
  • Added the ability to combo light attacks directly into a block or a dodge
  • Added the ability to dodge out of a knockdown if timed properly when you hit the ground
  • Added the ability to dodge out of a stagger if timed properly
  • Heavy attacks vs a block/parry attempt will ALWAYS stagger the target. 
  • Heavy attacks vs no block will KNOCKDOWN the target, or stagger targets that can’t be knocked down
  • Heavy attacks will now ALWAYS be dodged during dodge animations, light attacks will still hit a dodging enemy.
  • Added a short vulnerable warm up into block so you can’t block/parry the same frame as the button press
  • Raising your shield or weapon to block now consumes Stamina. 
  • Added directional blade recoils for both player and enemies when blocked (AI animations are temp). 
    • Blade recoil prevents subsequent attacks for .5 sec.
  • ‘Flinch’ reaction for player lockout attacks for .3 sec 
    • This interrupts the current attack if it’s in the backswing.
  • Shields incur durability damage when blocking
  • Changed “broken” to “staggered” when a heavy attack hits a block.
  • Changed “10,000” damage number to “deathblow”.
  • Added a 1 second cool down to block when stamina is low to prevent block spam.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Odin’s Unkindness from playing correctly.


Stamina Redesign:

  • Light attacks and sprinting no longer use stamina. YAY!
  • Low Stamina mode triggers between 10% – 15% stamina remaining.
  • Stamina ALWAYS regenerates.


Health Orbs:

  • Added a green health orb that randomly drops off enemies’ corpses.
  • Walking near these green health orbs will instantly heal you.
  • The more you kill, the longer you can stay in combat.


Player specific

  • Changed incoming light hit reacts so they don’t take control of your character. 
    • You can still move, dodge, block, and attack 
    • This now cancels attacks that were in the back swing animation.
  • Blocking with shields will not consume any stamina. 
  • Blocking with weapons consumes stamina. 
  • Blocking with weapons can be indefinite. 
  • You can block while light hit reacting.
  • Slowed down player attack speed approximately 20%
  • Changed tap-to-dodge from shift to space bar while holding A/S/D or W+A/S/D
    • Holding W + space still jumps forward.
  • Known issue: Tapping space bar while standing still causes your character to dodge backwards. This will change to jumping up vertically while standing still.
  • Reduced hypothermia damage to players.
  • Reduced cooking fire base damage.
  • Reduced player stats at level 1.
  • Changed how falling damage is calculated, based on distance from player to ground.
  • Removed the half-block phase before blocking
  • Fixed an issue where players would respawn with low health.
  • Fixed an issue where swimming would cause players to enter throw mode.
  • Fixed an issue where players could spawn into the game already dead from freezing damage.



  • Added villages and villagers in the southeast corner of Austri Midheim.
    • Villagers have done a bit of gardening and their land now has some rocks and foliage removed.
  • Added barrels of rusty weapons near the unbuilt forge in the village.
  • Added training dummy for players to check damage outside of the armory.
  • Added a Beer tent to the village.
    • Added a keg to the beer tent.
    • Beer keg provides beer when you tap it.
  • Added an Archer Tower.
  • Villagers will now grant you tributes once every minute when you interact with them. 
  • Villagers now wave at you.
  • Help us name our villagers by filling out this form! https://forms.gle/Fw1wJPt71m2m5H2o6 



  • Adjusted health and shield amounts for Loki
  • Adjusted difficulty of Loki wave minions
  • Adjusted Loki loot chest


Enemy Difficulty Balance:

  • Updated enemy difficulty balance.
    • Rebalanced all enemy stats (Health, attack damage, defense, block chance, etc)
    • Changed giants regular swings to count as heavy attacks.
    • Decreased every (unnamed) minion’s base health by 50%.
    • Decreased all minion block percentage by 75%.
    • Adjusted per level scaling stats for all enemies against players.
      • Example: Enemies at level 1 attack at .8 speed. At level 50 they’ll be at 1.3 speed.
  • Adjusted enemy parries. Enemies that can parry:
    • Named humanoid elite enemies
    • Thrall Guard, Draugr Guard, Dwarf Guard
    • Thrall Jarl, Einn Jarl, Draugr Jarl, Bandit Jarl, VP Draugr Jarl
  • Enemies that cannot parry:
    • Fire Spirits
    • Everyone else.
  • Set deer HP at 50.
  • Set minimum level frost and fire giants can spawn at to level 15.
  • All enemies now have a level that is displayed by their name
  • Enemies now get higher in level the further out you get from Heimdall’s tower.
    • There are some exceptions to this, such as the tutorial island of Old Wotenkeld.
  • Updated enemy conning colors based off level difference vs player level:
  • Artifact bosses and high value targets: purple
    • Over +10: Red
    • Over +5: Orange
    • Over +1 Yellow
    • At level: White
    • Under -1: Blue
    • Under -5: Green
    • Under -10 Grey
  • Added an additional full 1 second to all stagger states – players will have more time to combo an enemy while they’re staggered
  • Enemies now flinch longer when being hit and will abort their combo if hit mid-combo.
  • Added enemy reactions to your defensive maneuvers. 
    • Go stand in front of an enemy and block a lot. They should do a heavy/lunge attack.
  • Fixed an issue causing AI hit react animations not to play properly.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would try to throw while knocked down or staggered.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would move while staggered.
  • Fixed an issue causing AI to throw their weapon forwards while looking backwards.
  • Fixed an issue preventing enemies from spawning correctly in the open world.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would constantly switch weapons
  • Fixed an issue where giants would not hit you properly
  • Fixed an issue where AI would taunt you while staggered or knocked down.


Enemy Behavior:

  • Changed enemy AI to allow only one enemy to attack a player at a time. 
    • Other enemies will circle strafe and block in “kung fu circle” mode. 
    • Enemies will occasionally lunge in from behind.
  • Increased frequency of AI jump attacking you.
  • Increased range that AI kung fu circle around the player.
  • Sped up some heavy attacks that were too slow.
  • Scaled up AI attack speed with their levels.
  • Added visual differentiation to all human enemies.
  • Updated wolf pathing to prevent it from getting stuck.
  • Added a red glow when enemies are about to hit you with an unblockable heavy attack.
    • Dodge by using the spacebar!
  • Added a small time window for the player and enemies after stagger/knockdown where they are immune to stagger/knockdown.
  • Added a reaction lunge chance to enemies when a player blocks their attack.
  • Enemies can’t block while knocked down or staggered.
  • Fixed an issue where the enemy lunge task wouldn’t take the correct time according to the actual animation.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would interrupt their own lunge attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would dodge but not play their dodge animation correctly.



  • Added a dodge roll that can be done during regular dodge.
  • Known issue: Sometimes causes in air ‘ninja’ roll.
  • Reduced player run and sprint speed by 20%.
  • Slowed down players to walk speed when moving backwards and sideways.
  • Reduced speed when moving while blocking.
  • Increased player responsiveness when changing direction.
  • Tuned attack animations for every weapon type.
  • Updated flinch animations.

PvP Arena:

  • Added open world PvP arena to Vanirstad island in the top right corner of main.
  • As a convenience to players, the fast travel bifrost gate discovery location is outside of the village and up the stairs.  
    • In a future update, we plan to have this area automatically discovered upon first load.

  • Once you are inside the PvP arena, your PvP flag is set to on. 
  • When your PvP flag is on, you can only deal damage to other players that have their PvP flag on.
  • Once you exit the PvP zone, your PvP flag stays on for an additional 15 seconds before turning off.
    • You cannot get to low health and step one foot outside of the PvP zone and suddenly take no damage.
  • As part of this, all previous enemies that occupied Vanirstad Island have left the island.
  • Added a campfire, anvil, vault, and whetstone to Vanirstad island.


Multiplayer Campaign:

  • Added experimental password option.
    • Add a password using ?Password=”PASSWORDGOESHERE” in your custom command line details.
  • Added co-op enemy scaling for every player that joins the server.
  • Increased number of enemies that spawn based on the number of players in the server.
  • For every 1/2/3/4 players…
    • Enemy loot drop is 0/0/1/1 additional outcome
    • 1/2/3/4 additional enemies spawn
  • Relocated starting co-op spawns so all players start together in the village.


  • AI now smoothly rotates toward you when they start running after you instead of snapping their rotation.
  • Added a winded animation state when the player is at low stamina.
  • Improved left and right dodging animations.
  • Block animation now transitions faster.
  • Added hit react animations to boars and wolves.
  • Added new blade recoil animations for all weapons for male and female characters.
  • Updated dodge animations.
  • Fixed an issue where players could dodge in midair while dodging left.
    • Goodbye, flying Viking. o7



  • God weapons now have forced mods on them.
  • Added Bone weapons.
    • Bone Weapons start dropping at level 2 and are usable at level 3.
  • Added Bone weapon recipes that are unlocked at level 3.
  • Added Bone material to loot drops.
  • Copper equipment can now drop at Level 1.
  • Added more potential mods on copper, bone, and bronze weapons.


Enemy Loot:

  • Removed the ability for players to loot corpses. 
    • Instead, loot drops directly into the world from all chests and enemies.
  • Added Fire Giant Blood to Surtblod Warriors (Fire Spirits).
  • All elite named enemies have a high chance of dropping allmetal.
  • Added a single Allmetal to Hrym, the Betrayer’s loot table. 
  • Updated all boss and Loki loot drops to feel more rewarding.
  • Increased all metal drop rate from Loki chest in Vigrid Plain.
  • Removed the ability for players to loot and wield body parts.
  • Removed human meat and cooked human meat.


Player Loot:

  • You will no longer get recipes when salvaging. Instead, all recipes are unlocked through progression, paths, and lorestones.
  • Added recipe rewards to lorestones.
  • Updated “Human Blood” to become “Tainted Blood”.
  • All common recipes are available to view at level 1.
  • All crafted items no longer roll with mods.
  • All copper weapons are now unlocked and available to craft at level 1. 
  • Updated the icons for copper weapons.
  • Viking ships are unlocked to craft immediately, instead of at level 10.
  • Added Giant Bone weapon and recipes that begin dropping at level 13. 
  • Viking weapons are now unlocked at Level 8
  • Berserk Runes are now Rare (was uncommon).
  • Meteor Runes are now Epic (was rare).
  • You’ll be able to use different equipment types at the following levels
    • Level 1 – Wooden, Leather, Rusty, Copper
    • Level 3 – Bone
    • Level 6 – Bronze
    • Level 8 – Viking
    • Level 11 – Steel, Iron
    • Level 13 – Giant Bone
    • Level 16 – Gold, Dwarf
    • Level 21 – Obsidian, Berserker
    • Level 31 – Realm
  • Adjusted the rate at which all enemies will drop weapons or armor. Enemies are more likely to drop consumables, ammo, or crafting materials.
  • Reduced amount of force runes that come out of small chests.
  • Added teleport runes, stamina runes, and health runes into small chests.


User Interface and User Experience:

  • Added a player paper doll which lives in the same location as the crafting menu, with a button in the top right to toggle back and forth. 
  • Hitting the inventory button (I by default) will always bring up the character screen.
  • Using a crafting station (Anvil, Fire, Rune forge) will always bring up the crafting screen.
  • Added red visual lockout filter when requirement has not been met to equip higher level gear.
  • Add level and skill requirements indicator in crafting menu.
  • Added an error sound when you try to equip a weapon you can’t equip.
  • Updated rarity colors to stand out more.
  • Updated rarity highlights between the slot box and the tooltip.
  • Updated rarity indicator in the slot tooltip for modded items
  • Fixed an issue causing the incorrect player name to be displayed in the character menu.



  • Added base stats for strength, dexterity, wisdom, constitution that affect derived stats. 
    • Strength: Increases attack damage
    • Dexterity: Increases speed and critical chance
    • Wisdom: Increases defense and god power
    • Constitution: Increases health and stamina
      • And much more for each.
  • Added starting attribute points that players can assign. 
  • Added a notification that players get a skill point when leveling up.
  • Added additional visible stats such as total critical hit chance, critical hit damage, falling damage resistance, and more.
  • Updated user interface for stats and moved it under the paper doll.
  • Updated player stat icons
  • Added equipped item boxes that highlight so you can see what is happening when you mouseover stuff.
  • Added a “stats preview” to weapons so you can see what will change when you equip new stuff
  • Adjusted default critical hit chance to 2. Every dexterity point adds 0.5 critical hit chance.
  • Greatly reduced the base HP and damage a player automatically receives when leveling up.
    • Players will get additional HP and Damage when spending skill points. 


Hunger System:

  • Removed the old hunger system that limited stamina when hungry.
  • Instead, eating food does a small heal over time. 
    • This healing over time effect stops when you are hungry.



  • Disabled the Loki curtain and post processing effects within Loki Zones
  • Toned down Berserk Rune post processing effects.
    • In layman’s terms: No more “the worlds gone mad” vector lines.
  • Adjusted the Age of Night so players can see themselves better while keeping the age dark.
  • Updated weather transitions within the Age of Night
  • Updated visuals on the Age of Frost
  • Adjusted Sky brightness and snow coverage for Age of Frost.
  • Added post processing settings to make Age of Frost more bleak and isolated.
  • Fixed an issue where the weather would not change immediately after the Age changes.


OWEs and Open World:

  • Chests, bodies, bags, trees, and rocks do not respawn until the Age changes.
  • Added additional enemies that spawn in the open world.
  • The named enemies of Midgard can now be found roaming throughout the open world. 
    • Killing them will reward you with important loot, so bring your best gear to the fight!
    • Your chances of finding these elite enemies increase as you get further out from Heimdall’s tower.
  • Added copper ore throughout the world.
  • Some treasure chests now break immediately on interaction.


Open World Difficulty Redesign:

  • All Open World Events (OWEs) now have a level range in accordance with the below zones.
  • All Open world events scale to nearest player level even if they’re not explicitly triggered by a player.
  • Open World Level Zones:
    • White: 1-50
    • Green: 1-10
    • Yellow: 4-25
    • Orange: 8-35
    • Red: 18-45
    • Purple: 30-50
    • Black: 40-50


Artifacts and Progression:

  • Artifacts now follow a set order based on the current age.
  • The remaining artifact bosses have taken to roaming the open world.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from completing Thor’s hammer crafting path.
  • Updated quest task text.


Ages of Ragnarok:

  • Age of Fire:
    • Added 300% more fire.
    • Move the sun position to sunset time for Age of Fire.
    • Optimized fire and smoke effects used in-game.
  • Age of Frost:
    • The Oceans have frozen over and become an ice sheet for players and enemies to walk on.
  • Age of Night
    • Removed rain weather pattern for Age of Night.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to enter a blank, debug Age of Ragnarok.


Misc Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where enemies wouldn’t flinch/stagger when they were supposed to.
  • Fixed an issue allowing enemies to lunge while they were reacting
  • Fixed a bug allowing a player to lunge while staggered/knocked down
  • Fixed an issue where consumables couldn’t activate unless the animation played
  • Blocks no longer cancel an attack while weapon is hot, but can be used to “feint” attacks before weapon goes hot (to bait enemies into blocking or dodging)
  • Fixed cases where player could jump when you shouldn’t be able to (like during lunge or knockdown)
  • Fixed an issue where AI would get stuck and not attack or move
  • Fixed an issue where players could turbo left-click unintentionally
  • Fixed some cases where AI would get blocked, and then just stare at the player for several seconds while waiting for their combo to end. 
  • Fixed various edge cases with chaining attacks into blocks. 
  • Fixed an issue where a blood splatter would play when blocking or parrying instead of the correct VFX.
  • Fixed an issue where chaining into the block animation would lock your character


Known issues:

  • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.
  • Rafts and Ships can still be used in the Age of Frost
  • May experience compatibility issues with old save files.
  • Dodge rolling sometimes causes in air ‘ninja’ roll.
  • Tapping space bar while standing still causes your character to dodge backwards. This will change to jumping up vertically while standing still.

RUNE II is now available on the Epic Games Store. Buy your copy today here! 

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