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Xiaomi Overtakes Apple Worldwide

Move over Apple, there’s a new game in town. Well, not really a new game but maybe new to a large portion of the population. If you don’t know about Xiaomi, it is a smartphone company that has been around for a couple of years now and has taken the world by storm. The firm came about in 2010 and provided sleek mobile cellular devices for its segment. Fans quickly gravitated toward Xiaomi and purchased its mid-priced but powerful products.

It would have the opportunity to lead China with its innovative smartphone and massive number of sales. Within a couple of years, Xiaomi would have the honor of becoming the largest smartphone manufacturer in the growing Asian nation. Indeed, by 2014, Xiaomi would be a fan favorite. But then a couple of years later, in 2018, Xiaomi would become one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the whole world. It would find itself in the top of five smartphone manufacturers on a global scale.

But Xiaomi knew that it would have to expand and so it did.

We would find that Xiaomi quickly turned its success into other products, these products would range from smart home products to and smart appliances. Now, Xiaomi has over 280 million monthly active users of its devices.

It is not surprising that some people in the United States may look into IRS tax relief options, minimize their tax obligations to the government, and spend more on products from brands like Xiaomi.

The firm has been able to now overtake Apple worldwide in smartphone sales. This is certainly newsworthy as the notion is that everyone loves Apple and has the market sewn up. Here’s what you need to know.

Xiaomi is The Second Largest Smartphone Vendor in the World

Xiaomi has now been able to push forward over the past couple of years and now finds itself so close to the crown. It is now right behind Samsung as the largest smartphone vendor when judged on a worldwide shipments basis. According to Canalys, Xiaomi has now about 18 percent of the total global market.

Remember that Samsung captures close to twenty percent of the market while Apple is a little less than 15%.

Did you know that Xiaomi is able to obtain more shipments and grow its sales more than others? This company has been able to raise its shipments over 80 percent in the first half of 2020.

The firm continues to drive its business with the mass market in places that range from Europe to other continents. That is an interesting accomplishment but it is far from surprising. For instance, we know that Xiaomi prices its products much less than its competition. It can sell its products for over thirty percent less than its competition.

It will now seek to move its products, the more high-end products like Mi 11 Ultra. Firms are able to take advantage of the issues that Huawei is seeing in the marketplace due to trade tensions and other internal matters. Of course, the sanctions have not helped Huawei but have been a significant gift to Xiaomi and others.