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Top Delicious Ways To Consume Cannabis

If you’re looking for new and interesting ways to consume cannabis, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, you will learn about some delicious methods that will help you get the most out of your cannabis experience. Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or a first-timer, there’s something for everyone on this list! So without further ado, let’s get started.


Probably a phrase you’ve already heard of, edibles are fan-favorite among cannabis users. Many people consume it through delicious chewy gummies that come in a variety of flavors, or through brownies and cookies that can easily be baked at home. However, edibles come in many shapes and sizes, you can find almost any type of food infused with cannabis these days.

These methods are the perfect way to consume cannabis if you’re looking for a long-lasting effect. The high from edibles can take up to two hours to kick in, but it lasts much longer than when smoking or vaping. This is because when you eat an edible, the THC is absorbed by your digestive system and passes into your bloodstream. From there, it travels throughout your body before finally settling in your brain.

If you’re new to edibles, start small! A little goes a long way, and you don’t want to overdo it on your first try. 


Another famous method of consuming cannabis is through brownies. You can make them at home using cannabutter or oil, or you can purchase them pre-made from a dispensary. Be careful with brownies because it’s easy to overdo them, especially if you’re new to consuming cannabis this way. Start with a small piece and wait an hour to see how it affects you before having more. Brownies are delicious and one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis.


This is perfect for parties or get-togethers because everyone can enjoy them without having to worry about the dosage. Brownies are also a great way to consume cannabis if you’re looking for an easy and discreet way to do it. No one will know that you’re getting high unless you tell them!


Various types of chocolates can be used as a way to consume cannabis. Chocolate has been used as a delivery method for medicine for centuries. There are many ways to make chocolates with cannabis. One easy way is to melt some dark chocolate and mix it with your desired ground. You can also add some cannabutter to the chocolate for a stronger dose. Once you have mixed in your cannabis, pour it into candy molds or onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Place them in the fridge or freezer to set.

The most popular chocolates to mix with cannabis are the following:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • White chocolate
  • Caramel chocolates
  • Truffles

Cannabis-infused chocolates are a great way to consume them. They are delicious and easy to make. You can customize the dose depending on how much cannabis you add. 


Honey is a healthy substance that can be used in many different ways. You can add it to your food or drink, or simply eat it by the spoonful. It’s a great way to consume cannabis because it is a natural product that is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. 

Honey also has a variety of health benefits, including reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. To make it more potent, you can infuse it with cannabis oil or CBD isolate. Simply add a few drops of oil or isolate to your honey and stir well. You can then enjoy your honey on its own or use it as a sweetener for other foods and drinks.

Cannabis Oil 

Cannabis oil can be dropped into food or used as a cooking oil. It can be used in many recipes, such as salad dressings, sauces, desserts, and baking. You can also find cannabis oil for sale online and in some dispensaries. Cannabis oil is a great way to consume cannabis!

There are also certain recipes that you can make with cannabis oil. Many people have tried and liked cannabis oil salad dressing. Simply combine cannabis oil with your favorite salad dressing recipe.

Another one is cannabis oil sauce. It’s made by adding cannabis oil to your favorite pasta or pizza sauce recipe. Finally, you can use cannabis oil in place of butter or oil in your favorite baked goods recipe.


Cannabis drinks have gained popularity over the past few years as people become more health-conscious and are looking for alternative ways to consume cannabis. beverages offer a discreet way to consume cannabis, as well as a delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD or THC. There are many different recipes available online for cannabis drinks, so you can find one that suits your taste buds.

Cannabis tea is one of the most popular beverages, as it is easy to make and can be enjoyed hot or cold. You can also add other herbs to your tea for added flavor, such as mint or lavender. 

Cannabis is a fun activity for many people who use it to relax and unwind, but you should know about the tastiest method of consuming it. Edibles, brownies, and chocolates are very popular lately, while you can also mix them with honey. Oils can be put into anything you want and one of the most famous ways of consuming them nowadays are through beverages. Whatever you choose, make sure the dosage is right!