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Market Your Brand With Your Brand

We recently wrote about the advantages of using business cards. As we said personal connections are much more valuable than digital ones. A business card and the way you carried yourself when meeting a person leaves a lasting impression. Well, what about businesses that need a digital delivery to showcase their work or product? Some people use a URL shortener on a dropbox link and add it to their business card. We set out to find a product that can supplement a business card exchange much better than a shortened dropbox link. We found two, and they’re both custom flash drives.

Business Card USB Drive

We stumbled upon a custom flash drive manufacturer USB Memory Direct and checked out their portfolio. The first thing we fell in love with was their business card USB drives. Not only are you leaving your business card, but you’re also giving them the digital data you need. Even if you don’t have digital delivery data, if you hand out a 64gb drive or higher people will use it daily!

Very few marketing products don’t get thrown in the trash. This means you need to send new marketing items to each client often to keep them engaged. Or, you give them something useful. Useful marketing items have the longest shelf life. If you’re a brewery, you know bars always need sturdy bottle openers. Which gets us to why we love the idea of a custom flash drive as a marketing item. It will be used by anyone who uses a computer!

This in no way makes the traditional business card obsolete. Nor is it for every business. In some industries, a business card with a printed coupon on the back will do fine to help save that card from the trash. Yet, in the reverse, some businesses need a more branded useful product. Which gets us to the second product.

Fully Custom Flash Drives

Why does Coca-Cola spend billions of dollars on advertising? Everyone knows that when it comes to Cola, it’s either Coke or Pepsi. Then what is the point of spending that much? Well, that’s Marketing 101. From commercials to toys, keychains, free t-shirts, and even events: Large conglomerates use every marketing method to keep us engaged. The first step in marketing is making your customers love you, the next step is making their friends your customers as well. That’s what brings us to this next flash drive. A fully custom flash drives made into the shape of your product, or brand. Even if your clients don’t use the drive, they will keep it as a collectible on top of their desk! This means not only will they be reminded of it, people will ask about it.

From gaming companies making their own little USB characters to a 3D version of your logo, custom flash drives combine a collectible with a USB into another marketing product that doesn’t end up in the trash. As an example, BMW sends an awesome custom metal flash drive shaped like their car key to everyone who leases or buys their car. Also, many musicians include a custom flash drive with their limited edition vinyl sets.

With all marketing, the goal is to remind your customer or client (and their friends) that you’re awesome. Marketing doesn’t make you a rock star. Neither is a BMW flash drive the main highlight of buying or leasing a luxury car. Marketing shows the world that you or your company are rock stars. So if your product isn’t good, or you’re not the greatest at your service, no flash drive or business card will help. However, if your product is great, these products can elevate your company so that more people see and experience your awesomeness.