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Fifa 21: 10 Best National Teams

Fifa makes everyone roll in spirit and enthusiasm to celebrate the season of football. It makes perfect sense as football is exciting. The game itself draws upon various forms of skills and expertise. It lets you cooperate with a team and enables you to enjoy a variety of emotions as you win or lose.

The football field, the crowd, players wearing Germany soccer gear or other types of outfits, all excite the football lovers and the ordinary public. It is always fascinating to see teams go against each other and do their best to be better than the other one.

Indeed, playing the game in real life is great but it is also fun to play it on the respective gaming device on a game like FIFA! It is always fun to play against others and re-live soccer moments from the comfort of your air conditioned home.

We notice that, this year, in 2021, the ten best national teams will be present within the Fifa Cup 2021.

Here are the ten best national teams to feature in Fifa 2021.


France is the undisputed best team of FIFA 2021. The team has an unprecedented pace in the field and dominates the whole field. The team is fully trained but has just one drawback, which is the fullback position.


Belgium has the deadliest trio, including the three most amazing players; Hazard, Lukaku, and Mertens. The team’s strong point is its pace in the wings and the strength it possesses in the center. However, the team doesn’t play well in defensive mode.


Portugal is another spirited team of FIFA 2021. It is highlighted as it has improved its game in many ways. The strength of the group is the player Ronaldo, who has many attackers in a person. Despite having good players, the team does not perform well in midfield and defensive positions.


The team is well known for its exceptional pace in the field and also famous for its wingers.


Italy is one of the calmest, organized, and balanced teams in Fifa. Despite being balanced, it has slow defenders, but the players are well balanced at front and midfield.


This team has the best attackers. However, the defensive behavior of the team still lacks quite a bit. The midfielders consist of all the attackers, and the center-backs are slow too.

The Netherlands

This team consists of future rising stars. It has all the fantastic members of each club. It has reasonable strike force and midfield but lacks a good keeper.


The team is well equipped with all skillful players. It has good overall roasters and many talented players; however, there still lacks competitive potential.


Germany has one of the best young talents in both national and international states. The team has an excellent pace all around but needs to get good training in defensive behavior.


The team is famous for its emerging talent amongst the players. It has also been proved by the talented attackers the team has. However, the defense of the group is slow.  It will be fascinating to see a year where the team is not one of the top contenders!

We are excited to see these teams progress and will watch to see what shakes out in the end.