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Viking Domination: A Look at the New Rebuildable System

11 / 16 / 18
Viking Domination: A Look at the New Rebuildable System

War, turmoil, and chaos have left Midgard devastated with minimal signs of life throughout the realm. As you journey to end Ragnarok and take down the maniacal Loki, you’ll need to rebuild structures that will provide shelter and a much needed safe harbor for you and your clan. Travel the world, conquering new lands and ensuring world domination for those you serve.

For the chosen warriors that are currently in the Rune Beta Program, you’ve seen rebuildable longhouses scattered throughout the world. These structures are the remnants of once beautiful buildings that held celebrations and sacred events. Now, they’re your first line of defense against the dangers of Ragnarok.

Rebuild longhouses by contributing resources scavenged throughout the lands. When these structures are brought back to their former glory, all who contributed will reap the benefits. Inside, you’ll be able to house crafting anvils to build arsenals, stoke fires to cook food, and gain protection from enemy AI and other players. Those who do not contribute to the structure will be kept out and unprotected from the dangerous inhabitants of the world.

The warrior who contributes the most resources to the longhouse owns the buildings. The owner of the longhouse, and those who are aligned to the same god or in the same clan, will have increased attack power when near their longhouses. As you and your clan take over the realm, gaining more and more ownership of the world, Loki’s power drains and in his weakened state he’ll be no match for you and your vicious Viking clan. Take up arms with other god-aligned Vikings or members of your clan to dominate the entire world on a server.

Beware, warrior. Rebuilding structures and owning them during Ragnarok will not be easy. Rival Vikings can attack your structures, wearing them down and rebuilding them for themselves. Scorned gods may wreak havoc on your property to serve their warriors and further their motives to end Ragnarok. If your structures survive these dangers, the world itself may destroy what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Battles closer to Early Access this Winter will feature the ability to break down enemy structures, reclaim them as your own, and receive god-aligned buffs when in the area. During Early Access Development, you’ll find additional structures to rebuild throughout the world (including villages, shrines, vaults, forges, and more) and the ability to work with your clan to dominate an entire server.

Journey to the forums and let us know what you think as we continue to work on the rebuildable structures in Midgard. You can also follow along as we develop more features and implement new systems by visiting our road map. There’s no better way to experience the dangers of Ragnarok and prove yourself among the fiercest warriors than participating in our Beta Program. Take the oath. Get a key.

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