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Updated FAQ – 5/23/2018

05 / 23 / 18
Updated FAQ – 5/23/2018

Before we kicked off our second Closed Alpha Combat Test last weekend, we hosted a social media contest to give away a few extra keys. You submitted a number of question on the last Rune Recap, so we thought we’d round everything up and get them answered before our next test.

Can I have a key?
You might be able to win one! Sign up for our newsletter to be entered in our random drawings, we will do another drawing before our next playtest.

Will there be throwables?
Yes! Check out our latest gameplay video for a preview.

Will you be able to resurrect another player?
No, you will not be able to resurrect other players.

What will we be able to craft?
You will be able to craft ships, throwables, arrows, traps, and some special weapons and armor.

Will jump spin attacks make a return?
No, this Rune game will not have jump spin attacks. You can still attack while jumping, however.

Can you throw weapons in quick succession like the original?

Will there be bleeding damage from getting your arm cut off?
Yes, you will slowly lose health if a limb is cut off. You will die if you lose a leg.

Can you recover a lost arm?
Yes, if you use a rune of health or fully replenish your health, you will regain your arm. To those that have requested a “Deadpool” style regrowth, we’ve relayed it to the team, but things don’t look good.

Will there be composed music?
Yes, we were happy to work with “Viking” composer Dean Valentine! Read more about him in our interview.

Will there be any translations?
Yes, we’re currently looking at localization.

How many weapons will there be?
There are five weapon classes: swords, axes, hammers, spears, and bows. Each class will have multiple weapons, the total number is still to be announced.

Can you store equipment anywhere?
Yes, there will be vaults throughout the world that only you can access. Anything stored there will be protected from other players. Vaults are “universal,” so you can store an item in one vault and retrieve it from a different vault.

Are you prevented from attacking players with the same god alignment as you?
No. In PvP servers, you’ll be able to attack all of your opponents.

What modding capabilities will we see?
You tell us. In fact, let’s discuss this on the forums.

Will there be any flexible weapons such as whips or chains?
No. We currently don’t have plans for this.

Is it possible to deflect arrows with a well timed swing?
No, but that’s a great idea! We’ll add that to our list!

Is there a defensive skill progression?
There are skill upgrades in the skill tree that affect your defense, both overall defense and resistances to elemental damage such as fire and frost.

Can you choose which hand wields your weapon?
No, one-handed weapons are always in your right hand, two-handed weapons, of course, require both hands. Note that you can eat food with either hand, so even if your right arm is cut off, you can still eat food to eventually restore your limbs. But, if both your arms are cut off, well, that’s a much larger problem.

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