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Updated FAQ – 3/21/2018

03 / 21 / 18
Updated FAQ – 3/21/2018

If you’ve been afk for the past month, you’ve missed some big news. For starters, our game received a name update, which is explained in further detail on the latest Rune Recap. Gameplay footage was also released, including the first snippets of combat and a preview of sailing. We’ll be running a series of polls on the Rune Facebook page to let you vote on what kind of gameplay you want to see next. For this month’s FAQ, we rounded up some questions the community asked about campaign and combat. If you have more questions for the team, let us know on social media (including our shiny new Instagram account) or create an account and head to the forums.

Can I play the campaign offline by myself?
Yes, you can play the campaign in single player mode, offline, without connecting to a server.

What replay value does the campaign offer?
There will be different difficulty modes to test your skill, hidden secrets to find, different abilities you can attain from different god alignments, and a lot of places to explore. Reliving the story in multiplayer will also add a lot of variety to each playthrough, especially with tweaks to different server settings for a unique experience every time.

How big will the open world be?
The world map will be about 3km by 3km. Our goal is to give you an open world with really good density of experience, rather than long stretches of repetitive scenery.

What role do the gods play? Are they physically with you in battle?
Gods will not fight alongside you in battle, rather, the god that you align with will help you throughout your journey by giving you blessings. They will guide you in your quests and each god will have their own unique set of abilities and skills for you to unlock in addition to the core set.

Can you align with Loki?
Yes, you can – more details on this soon!

If you end up separated from someone who joined your co-op, can they fast travel to get back to you?
Currently, we do not have plans for fast travel back to your group.

Is multiplayer seamless or instance based?
PvP and PvE are seamless throughout the entire open world.

Is co-op drop in and drop out joining?
Yes, you can drop in at any time. If your friends have already started, you can drop in at different spawn points, some of which will be unlocked as you progress through the story.

What server settings will there be?
Some settings we have planned so far are leveling rates, spawn rates, faction settings, and friendly fire. Head over to this forum thread and let us know what else you’d like to see!

How many players can populate a server?
Our target is to allow 64 players in a server at a time, but this all depends upon tech limitations.

Can I take my levels and items from a single player campaign to multiplayer?
No, this could allow for cheating – you will make new characters on new servers.

How does leveling work in general?
You will gain XP as you complete quests, kill creatures, and explore the world.

Is leveling the same across co-op and PvP?
Yes, it is the same and we are doing balance passes to make sure everything feels right.

If I kill someone that’s a higher level than me can I still take their items, weapons, and armor?
Yes, you can take any inventory they drop but to equip some weapons and armor you will have to be above a certain level.

Can we still fight on an even playing field?
Yes, there will be server settings you can change to create an even playing field. The server settings we have planned so far include leveling rates, spawn rates, faction settings, and friendly fire. This list is still growing and we’d love to hear what the community wants – head to this forum thread and leave some feedback for the team.

Will there be improvised weapons besides limbs?
Yes, there will be other items in the world you can use as weapons, such as oars and rakes. For more information on improvised weapons, check out this blog post.

Is there hand-to-hand combat?
Yes, when you don’t have a weapon equipped you will still be able to attack with punches and kicks.

Are there finishing moves?
Yes, there will be finishing moves. Say you’re fighting five enemies, when you kill the last one, there’s a chance that you’ll perform a cinematic finishing move.

Will there be parrying and dodging?
There will be dodging but there are no plans for parrying.

How will shields work?
You can equip a shield if you are using a one-handed weapon, shields take damage and can break.

Is stamina a factor in the game?

Will jump spin attacks make a return?
No, this Rune game will not have jump spin attacks. You can still attack while jumping, however.

Will we see changes in weather?
Yes, the weather will change and different areas will have different climates.

Will there be a day/night cycle?

Will there be some sort of achievement system?
Yes, there will be achievements.

Will there be creatures to ride?
Yes, you can ride different creatures.

Will there be any translations?
Yes, we’re currently looking into which languages.

Have other questions that weren’t listed here? Check out the forums for more FAQs.


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