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Updated FAQ – 2/7/2018

02 / 07 / 18
Updated FAQ – 2/7/2018

A lot is happening in the world of Rune! You got a good look at some of our enemies in the pre-alpha trailer, including new reveals like dragons, sea serpents, and the puppet master behind Ragnarok, Loki. Project Director Chris Rhinehart took to the latest Rune Recaps to share more information on the trailer and sailing. Check out some common questions below and if you have more questions, make sure to create an account on our website and head to the forums!

When will we see direct-from-game footage?
You can expect in-game footage within the month.

Will there be single player and multiplayer?
Yes, there will be a story campaign for single and multiplayer, as well as PvE and PvP in the open world.

What role will the dragons play?
There are essentially two ways you’ll interact with dragons – hunting down a particular dragon for a raid or encountering free-roaming dragons on land and at sea.

What other enemies might there be?
The trailer shows off giants, the world serpent, Fenrir, and dragons! Expect some enemy vikings – alive and undead – as well. More enemies will be unveiled soon!

Will there be a focus on crafting?
There will be weapon, ship, etc. crafting, but it will not be a main focus throughout the game.

How do you obtain a ship?
You will be able to find ships, craft ships, and steal ships.

Will there be ship mounted weapons that can be used?
Yes, there will be weapon attachments, like ballistas, for the ships.

Can the ships be destroyed by enemies and the environment?
Yes, enemy vikings or creatures can take down your ship.

Do ships vary in size?
Yes, there will be different sizes such as a small raft for one or two people, medium ship for about four people, and a large ship for up to eight people.

Where can we sail?
There will be open bodies of water like oceans as well as tighter rivers between islands.

Can we swim from island to island?
In some cases, but for islands that are farther apart you must beware of hypothermia.

Will there be any non-humanoid dangers out at the sea to rid the world of?
Yes, there are, so keep an eye out while sailing!

Can you board other ships and if you can – can you capture them?
Yes, you can board and capture ships.

Can we be a fur trader?
No, there are not plans for this type of trading economy, but you can obviously collect resources and take them from point A to point B.

Don’t forget to stop by the forums for more FAQs.

Note: Prior to February 28, 2018, Rune was titled Rune: Ragnarok

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