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Updated FAQ – 12/27/2017

12 / 27 / 17
Updated FAQ – 12/27/2017

You asked, we listened. On the latest episode of The Rune Recap, Project Director Chris Rhinehart returns to answer a plethora of questions you have about Rune. Learn about our plans for combat, multiplayer, modding, and more. Watch the episode here, or read the answers below. If you have questions for our development team, make sure to create an account on our website and head to the forums!

What is the release date?

When can people play the game?
We will enter closed beta in early 2018. If you want to win a first-round beta key, follow us on Facebook, create an account on our website, and keep an eye out for contests.

How many players can join a PvP or PvE type scenario?
We are planning for up to 64 players per server, but that number may change due to tech issues.

What game modes can we expect?
Upon release, there will be single player and multiplayer PvP and PvE.

Can we add bots to these game modes?
We won’t have bots initially, but we might look at this in the future. Let us know your modding thoughts in this forum thread.

Can we mod our own skins, maps, weapons, etc.?
We’re looking at all of these. We want to give you as many tools as possible.

Will we be able to make our own game modes and maps?
We hope to add these features as well. Again, let us know your modding thoughts in this forum thread.

Will there be community made maps?
We hope to give the community these capabilities. Let us know which modding capabilities are important to you in this forum thread.

Will there be cross-platform multiplayer servers?
Not initially.

Will there be world progression?
Yes, there is a progression from start to finish in terms of areas and difficulty.

Will there be voice chat?

Are there grab attacks?
There will not be grab attacks, but we are looking at finishing moves.

Can we form clans?
Yes, there will be a clan system.

Can you throw weapons in quick succession like the original?

Will there be visible weapon stats?
Yes, you will be able to see your weapon’s stats in the inventory.

Can we customize weapons?
Not in the initial release.

Will there be water/ship combat or is that just for travel?
Yes, you will be able to fight other characters, enemies, and creatures on a ship.

Will there be trampolines?
No. Unfortunately, there will not be trampolines. This would be a great user mod, though!

Will there be bloodlust mode?
Definitely. Berserk mode is a part of Rune.

Is there dual wielding?
Right now there is no dual wielding.

Will we see the dwarf battle axe again?
There will be giant axes, exactly what kind is yet to be determined. Check out this forum thread to let us know which weapons you liked, or didn’t like, from the original.

Can I climb a giant?
No, but this does not mean you’ll be hacking at their legs the entire time. We’ve created a few unique ways to take down a giant.

Will there be goblins?
There will not be goblins from the original Rune.

Is the game more fantastic or realistic?
There’s a mix of realism and fantasy, similar to the original Rune. There’s a lot of realistic elements to the world, but there’s still a lot of high-fantasy elements in terms of the enemies you will encounter and the weapons you will use to take them down.

Will there be composed music?
Yes, and we’re really excited to give you more information on this early next year!

Will there be a physical release and a collector’s edition?
We’re definitely interested in creating a physical copy of the game. We will reveal more at a later date.

Will there be a focus on crafting?
There will be crafting but it will not be a main focus of the game.

Will there be other beings from Norse mythology?

Will Loki be voiced by the same actor as the original?
We will announce the gods’ voice actors this coming year.

What will the UI look like?
There will be some references to the original, but it will be cleaner this time around.

Will there be quests with waypoints?

Is there in-game currency and trading?
Yes, there will be currency and NPC vendors.

Will my actions affect the story’s ending?
No, we do not plan on having alternate endings.

Will there be an editor?
We hope to eventually release an editor for Rune.

What replay value will single player offer?
There will be different difficulty modes, different server settings, hidden treasures, other secrets, and a lot of places to explore.

Will there be armor besides shields that affect gameplay in ways outside of aesthetics?
Yes, some armor will better protect you against certain enemies, attacks, or magic types.

Can we explore underwater?
No, but you can swim and sail of course.

Will there be loot crates?

Will there be optional first-person view?
We are currently looking into it as a possibility.

Will there be character creation? If so, what does it look like?
Yes, you will be able to choose male or female, head type, hairstyle, skin tone, scars, tattoos, and other standard options.

Will god alignment affect the character models?

Will we see in-game character levels?
Yes, your character will level up.

Will we see fur and armor plating?
Yes to both.

Note: Prior to February 28, 2018, Rune was titled Rune: Ragnarok

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