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Updated FAQ – 11/7/2018

11 / 08 / 18
Updated FAQ – 11/7/2018

The journey through Closed Beta continues with another playtest this Saturday, November 10. To prepare you for the bloodbath, we have compiled all of your frequently asked questions from the forums, Facebook Live sessions, and Twitch streams. Learn about Midgard and its inhabitants before you venture into battle. Still need a Closed Beta key? Take the oath to claim yours today.

If you have more questions for the team – ask Chris Rhinehart himself in our developer stream today, November 8 from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. CST. See you in battle, warriors.


Is this a direct sequel?
It is set in the same world as the original, but it is not a direct sequel in that it does not continue the story of Ragnar.

Is the story connected to the original?
There are some callbacks. In the original, you were trying to stop Ragnarok from happening. In this game, you are in the middle of Ragnarok trying to end it.

Where will the story take place?
The story takes place in Midgard. There are a variety of fractured islands for you to explore.

What is the overall size of the world?
Midgard will be 3 kilometers by 3 kilometers. The world is fractured into different sized islands with a variety of biomes, each impacted differently by Ragnarok.

Will there be composed music?
Yes, we were happy to work with “Viking” composer Dean Valentine. The game’s official soundtrack will be released when we enter Early Access. Read more about Dean in our interview.

What gods can I align with?
Initially, you will be able to align with Thor, Odin, or Hel. Other gods may come during Early Access development.

What role do the gods play? Are they physically with you in battle?
Gods will not fight alongside you in battle, rather, the god that you align with will help you throughout your journey by giving you blessings. They will guide you in your quests and each god will have their own unique set of abilities and skills for you to unlock in addition to the core set.

Will there be other beings from Norse mythology?
Yes, there will be giants, sea serpents, dwarves, and more.

Will we see other realms?
We do have plans in the future to bring players to other realms such as Jotunheim.

Will there be a variety of giants or female giants?
There will be different giants such as fire or frost, and giants will have a variety of weapons. We do not have immediate plans for female giants but we like the idea.

Will my actions affect the story’s ending?
No, we do not plan on having alternate endings.

Is the weather system dynamic?
Yes, and because it’s Ragnarok, the weather has become very unpredictable, so it can shift from clear day to a snowstorm pretty quickly.

What about day/night cycle?
Yes. And the world is more dangerous at night, so be careful…


What are the system requirements?
Minimum Spec Machine
OS 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300
Memory 8 GB DDR3 RAM
Graphics Card nVidia GeForce 760 / AMD Radeon HD 7850
DirectX 11.0 or equivalent
HD Space 25 GB

Recommended Spec Machine
OS 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD A-10
Memory 8 GB DDR3 RAM
Graphics Card nVidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon RX 470
DirectX 11.0 or equivalent
HD Space 25 GB

Having played the original Rune, what changes can I expect? There are many of course, but what are the main differences from the original? And what has NOT changed?
Rune Classic is very linear while the new Rune is open world and allows for exploration and adventure. Rune Classic is also centered around Ragnar and his story, but in the new Rune you can select your own character and align with a god of your choosing – Thor, Hel, and Odin will be available at Early Access release.

From the original, there will be lizard eating, mead drinking, dismemberment, limb throwing, weapon throwing, and rune powers. We’ve added a variety of features including ranged weapons, mounts, sailing, co-op play, a vast open world, and god alignments. Also, Lee Ernst, the original voice of Loki and Odin, is back in the new Rune!

Will there be character creation? If so, what does it look like?
Yes, you will be able to choose male or female, hairstyle/color, skin tone, and tattoos.

What will we be able to craft?
You will be able to craft weapons, armor, cook food, throwables (incendiary grenades), arrows, traps, and even ships.

What types of crafting systems are being implemented?
There is not a timed component to crafting. If you have the necessary items, you can go to a crafting station and create the item immediately. There are a few items that you can craft in the field as well – arrows, rafts, and simple weapons.

How does limb severing work?
If you’re low on health you’re more likely to lose a limb. Players will die upon decapitation, which can happen if you’re low health and get attacked. You can restore limbs by returning to a respawn shrine, using a rune of health, or getting back to full health. You can also craft a tourniquet to stop blood loss.

How will durability work in the game?
If you use a weapon enough, it will break. Blocking with your weapon will also greatly reduce the durability. The weapons you loot from enemies will have less durability because they have been using it, so crafting weapons is better in this regard. Right now, you cannot repair weapons but we will look into adding this.

Are there enchanted weapons?
Yes, there are weapons like fire swords, frost spears, poison axes, fire arrows, explosive throwables, and more.

Can I make my own longhouse?
Yes, you can. You won’t be able to construct them anywhere in the world, but there will be spots in certain areas that you can bring resources to and erect prefabricated structures.

Will crouching be implemented?
We can’t promise an exact date but it is being looked into for some time down the line.

Is there a skill tree?
Yes, you can assign skill points to your health, stamina, attack, or defense. We are currently working on a weapon proficiency tree so if you prefer hammers or swords you can improve those individually.

Is there leveling in Rune?
There is leveling in Rune. You level up through a variety of activities like questing and exploring. As you level up, you gain additional health, damage, etc. You’ll also unlock divine favor, which are similar to skill points. You’ll unlock different skills, runes, recipes, and quests as you gain favor. Enemies will have different levels as well.

If I kill someone that’s a higher level than me can I still take their items, weapons, and armor?
Yes, you can take any inventory they drop but to equip some weapons and armor your character will have to be above a certain level.

Will other players be able to pick up thrown weapons and throw them back at you or use them against you?
Yes. If you throw your weapon either into another player or if you miss another player, they will be able to remove it or pick it up and use it against you.

Will there be areas on the map that you can fast travel to?
We currently do not have plans for fast travel, but we do have teleportation rune stones and different re-spawn points throughout the world.

Will there be any minigames?
No, there will not be traditional minigames.

Will characters show visual signs of injury, like scars or bruises?
This feature will be added down the road.

Can we change the body type of the character?
We do not have plans for different body types outside of male and female characters.

Can you parry attacks?
We currently do not have plans for parrying.

How exactly is punching and kicking going to work? Will we need to unequip any weapons to be able to punch?
If you do not have a weapon in your hands, you will be able to punch your opponent. You can sheathe your weapon with its associated hotkey.

Will there be other elements in combat like magic attacks?
You can call upon the power of your god for a special magic attack. There are also magical weapons in the game including fire, frost, and poison weapons, as well as magical throwable grenades.

Can enemies use ranged combat?
Yes. Enemies can use bows/arrows and then also utilize the throwables.

Do you have horned helmets?
Yes, we do have horned helmets….and helmets without horns. Some helmets even have antlers.

How does respawning work?
When you die you drop a bag of all of your stuff. When you respawn, you have to do a corpse run to go back and retrieve your items. You’ll be able to unlock different respawn shrines as you explore the open world. The bag will also show up as a waypoint in the world so you can collect your things. In PvP servers, other people will be able to take your stuff, so you better run.

There will be vaults in the game where you can store items so you don’t lose them. The vaults are universal, so you can access your items from any of the vaults in the world.

Are we going to have a riding system inside the game? If so, can we tame creatures to use them as a mount?
Yes, there will be a riding system in the game. It will not be included in the Steam Early Access release, but we do have plans for you to be able to summon and tame creatures that can be used as a mount.

Will crafting be level-based?
Yes, as you level up you’ll be able to craft more complex items.

Is there dodging in the game?
Yes. Double-tap to dodge in the direction you want to dodge. The gamepad controller has a separate dodge button.

How do we navigate?
There is a map in the game that will display areas you’ve discovered.

If there’s damage to weapons and shields, can we fix them?
There is damage to weapons and shields but you cannot currently repair weapons.

Will there be some sort of achievement system?
Yes, we will add Steam Achievements during Early Access development.

What actions drain stamina?
Jumping, running, attacking, heavy attacking, and getting hit while blocking all drain stamina. You will be knocked down if you’re blocking and run out of stamina.

Will you be able to resurrect another player?
No, you will not be able to resurrect other players.

Will there be bleeding damage from getting your arm cut off?
Yes, you will slowly lose health if a limb is cut off. You will die if you lose a leg.

How many weapons will there be?
There are five weapon classes: swords, axes, hammers, spears, and bows. Each class will have multiple weapons.

Is there a defensive skill progression?
There are skill upgrades in the skill tree that affect your defense, both overall defense and resistances to elemental damage such as fire and frost.

Can you choose which hand wields your weapon?
No, one-handed weapons are always in your right hand, two-handed weapons, of course, require both hands. Note that you can eat food with either hand, so even if your right arm is cut off, you can still eat food to eventually restore your limbs. But, if both your arms are cut off, well, that’s a much larger problem.

Is there a hunger and thirst system?
No, while there are some survival systems such as hypothermia, there will not be hunger and thirst in Rune.

Will you be able to attack with a shield?
Not at the moment, but we are looking at adding shield bashes.

Can you only block with shields?
You can block with shields, weapons, and your arms. Shields and weapons have durability so keep an eye on their levels, arms can be cut off.

What replay value does the campaign offer?
There will be different difficulty modes to test your skill, hidden secrets to find, different abilities you can attain from different god alignments, and a lot of places to explore. Reliving the story in multiplayer will also add a lot of variety to each playthrough, especially with tweaks to different server settings for a unique experience every time.

Is multiplayer seamless or instance based?
The game is seamless throughout the entire open world.

Is co-op drop in and drop out joining?
Yes, you can drop in at any time. If your friends have already started, you can drop in at different spawn points, some of which will be unlocked as you progress through the story.

Is leveling the same across co-op and PvP?
Yes, it is the same and we are doing balance passes to make sure everything feels right.

Can we still fight on an even playing field?
Yes, there will be server settings you can change to create an even playing field. The server settings we have planned so far include leveling rates, spawn rates, faction settings, and friendly fire. This list is still growing and we’d love to hear what the community wants – head to this forum thread and leave some feedback for the team.

Can the ships be destroyed by enemies and the environment?
Yes, enemy Vikings or creatures can take down your ship.

Do ships vary in size?
Yes, there will be different sizes such as a small raft for one or two people, medium ships for about four people, and a large ship for up to eight people.

Where can we sail?
There will be open bodies of water like oceans as well as tighter rivers between islands.

Can we swim from island to island?
In some cases, but for islands that are farther apart you must beware of hypothermia.

Will there be monsters in the sea?
Yes, we plan to add sea creatures during Early Access development.

Is there taunting?
Yes. And there’s dancing, too.

Will the character be voiced?
The character will not speak, but there will be grunts, death sounds, etc.

Is it third-person or first-person?
Third person.

Can we explore underwater?
No, but you can swim on top of the water. And, you can sail of course.

Will there be loot crates?

Game Modes, Servers & Settings

What game modes will there be?
You will be able to play through the open world campaign in online multiplayer or local single player.

Will there be PvP and PvE server options?
Yes, there will be official PvP and PvE servers. This will also be a server setting that you can control on private servers.

How will servers work?
There will be official Rune servers, you can rent your own server through G Portal’s service in-game, or host your own through a provider of your choice.

How many players can populate a server?
Official servers will allow for 32 players on a server.

Can other players loot your corpse in PvE?
Yes, you can right now, but we are looking at changing this.

Will there be an editor?
We hope to eventually release an editor for Rune.

Will there be deathmatch or arena mode?
We do not have plans for this immediately but we are interested in adding a deathmatch mode down the line.

Will we be given server admin rights again, allowing us to change and modify anything we want in-game in servers where we have admin access?
Yes, you will be able to set up your own servers and adjust a variety of settings. Which ones? Head to the forums and let us know what you’d like to see.

Will modding allow us to also modify which server options/modifications are available when we’re hosting?

What options/systems will exist to encourage clan/guild communication and play?
We’re talking about this right now and will release more information in the coming months.

Will spectator mode and some kind of recording system be in the game to encourage Rune video creation?
Initially we will not have a spectator mode.

Are you prevented from attacking players with the same god alignment as you?
No. In PvP servers, you’ll be able to attack all of your opponents.

What modding capabilities will we see?
You tell us. In fact, let’s discuss this on the forums.

What server settings will there be?
Some settings we have planned so far are leveling rates, spawn rates, faction settings, and friendly fire. Head over to this forum thread and let us know what else you’d like to see!

Will headball make a comeback?
We’d like to bring it back someday, but it won’t be included in the initial release.

Can I take my levels and items from a single player campaign to multiplayer?
No, this could allow for cheating – you will make new characters on new servers.

Can we mod our own skins, maps, weapons, etc.?
We’re looking at all of these. We want to give you as many tools as possible.

Will there be community made maps?
We hope to give the community these capabilities. Let us know which modding capabilities are important to you in this forum thread.

Will there be cross-platform multiplayer servers?
Not initially.

Will there be voice chat?

Can you disable HP bars and damage numbers?
You can disable the HUD, which would include these features. We will look at giving players the ability to turn off these specific pieces of the HUD.

Can you clarify if LAN will be supported?
Yes, LAN will be supported.


What engine does the game use?
Rune uses Unreal Engine 4.

How long has the game been in development?
About a year and a half.

How many people are working on this game?
We’re a small team of about 15 developers and Rune is a labor of love. A quarter of the team worked on the original Rune.

Will there be a physical release and a collector’s edition?
We’re definitely interested in creating a physical copy of the game. We will reveal more at a later date.

Do you have plans for console ports or an iOS version?
We do not have plans for this immediately but it’s something we’re interested in doing after Early Access.

Will there be any translations?
Yes, we’re currently looking at localization.

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