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    Summer is end.
    Game not released.
    If you want polish that – released early access/beta current version of single player.
    And players help you with bug reports.

    Or you can wait summer of 2020.
    Cause almost each 15 day from now to next summer be released a really good game(blasphemouse, the surge 2, detroit bh pc, breakpoint, destiny 2(steam)? rdr 2 pc(maybe), vtmb 2, cp 2077) and no one not notice your game.

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    The team shared on Discord that Rune II’s been delayed out of summer 2019:

    “Hey y’all. Let’s address the frost giant in the room: When is RUNE II coming out?

    We’ve been a little bit less vocal over the past couple weeks, especially around the question of “When will RUNE II release?” Historically we’ve said “RUNE II will release Summer 2019”. With Summer 2019 ending on September 23, 2019, we’ve had more and more questions surrounding when you’ll be able to get your hands on it.

    We looked at where the game is now, the feedback we’ve received from the community, and the hands-on daily playtesting we’ve been doing. As we get closer to the end of Summer, we feel that RUNE II will benefit from more development time before we deliver it into your hands. This isn’t a decision that we made lightly. We know that some of you have been waiting literal decades for RUNE II. In a way, we have too. I’m gonna go out on a limb in saying that we all want the same thing: We want RUNE II to be the best game that it can be, so much so that 20 years later people are still playing it, just like RUNE Classic.

    We only get one opportunity to launch. On behalf of the entire dev team, we all want that launch to be the best possible thing that it can be. So today we’re amending our statement:

    RUNE II will launch in 2019 on the Epic Games Store, and on other platforms in 2020.

    We can’t put a specific date on it yet. When we have more news to share regarding RUNE II’s new launch, we will. I promise you’ll hear us shout it from the tops of Midgard. Internally, we’re all incredibly busy ensuring all nine realms align and give us a launch window where we feel RUNE II will perform at its peak. Before August 2019 is over, we will give you RUNE II’s release date.

    More to come as soon as we can share it. Thanks for being fans of RUNE II.”

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    Thanks you to share this.

    But EA will be good.
    Also soon like i say very good games be released one by one.

    Rune 2 for me have very big cons for now.
    No health regen.
    Its good to short checkpoint game like DS series.
    But for Open World it’s a cons.

    The Wither 3 have very slow health regen(~1% in 3 seconds).
    I think HR be good.

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