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    So, i just finished the quiz. Apparently my god is Thor which i’m quite happy about. Who’s yours?

    Oh, and my question is, will you actually have to pledge allegiance to a certain god, or can you just go on your own? Discuss.

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    I got Loki… at first, but then – with the help of Loki – I deceived my way to Thor ;D.

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    Mine is HEL. Maybe there are gods I prefere more but I decieded to stick to firs resoult of the test and I’m happy with it.

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    Yup, Hel here too!

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    None other than the Allfather. Pretty happy with that.

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    So far so good. So, nobody got Freya eh?

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      Not really, hhh.

      Glad women are in the game now

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    Hey Cooper!

    You will be able to pledge to gods within the game and you’ll gain favor or special abilities depending on the god. You can select any god you want in the actual game, we just wanted to give you an idea of where to start. Great to have you on the forums!

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    Thanks for your answer HHKat 🙂

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      You’re welcome! Let me know if we can help with anything else.

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    Thank you for the reply, Kat!

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    I`ve got Freya somehow.

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    I own a dog named Loki, so as his owner he was pretty happy I got the god of mischief.

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    The almighty Odin

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    The more I learn about Norse myth, the more I’d say I’m an Oðin man. Knowledge to defy the fates, no matter the cost. Got to admire that kind of conviction.

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    I am your god 😬

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    Heh, I wasn’t surprised about mine.  With  my history and “nick” with RUNE/HH  made it a “given”.  🙂

    As an Asatruar, I lean more towards Frigga but there isn’t an icon for her here yet.  Besides Odin shared with Frigga what he learned from his travels throughout the Nine Worlds,.   In the Lore, she was not a “stay at home”  wife as there are several stories (under different names) where she  traveled and was an active participant in dispensing wisdom and knowledge .


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    Wow! I’m Loki =)

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    Laurie, I just ran into some info that links Freya and Frigg(a) as being the same goddess, seeming in the process of being split into 2 entities. There is at least 1 story that puts them in the same room together as separate entities, but other than that, they are very much the same.

    The Vanir (1 tribe of gods) seem to actually have stemmed from another country and was incorporated into the norse polytheism. The Aesir Vanir war seems to have been a catalyst for such things. In which Freya was exchanged from Vanir to Aesir, and the Vanir were allowed to be worshiped. To me, it makes sense as this was a means of making peace between the two polythesist religions. Freya becoming Othinn’s (Odin’s) wife and thus becoming the queen of the Aesir a means of making peace between the two mythologies by making one of the major goddesses of the Vanir religions into the main goddess of the norse Aesir religion. Similar to two kingdoms marrying to bring peace and ensure they do not go to war again.

    Also, a side note. The reason the gods, and well, every character in norse myth has so many different names, has to do with the poetic style of skaldic poetry. There were several different styles of skaldic poetry, but they all used illiterating words to give them a good flow. Today, we rhyme things to make them sound good. But to the norse, it was about having things start with the same letter. For an english example it might be like so.

    Vanir-queen in Valhalla


    Freya in Folkvangr

    See how they share the same sound in the beginnng of each word in the sentence? Skaldic poetry, in the oriinal old norse used this system. And, given that this is the case. You can see why skalds needed so many different names for the same thing. Such as Valhalla and Folkvangr, which are likely the same place. And the use of kennings,  or compound words describing something. Such as Vanir-queen and Freya.. a kennings I just made up to describe the same enmity. Both those examples are basically describing the same thing. But it helps show why this would have been a useful device for poets to have back in the day.


    Anyway, maybe you might favor Freya, considering this information.


  skaldic poetry methodolgy

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    And btw, I’m not saying I’m an expert or anything. Just providing some info I stumbled into, as well as what I personally infered from it, and leaving my sources for you to look at to see how I infered such things. I’m not to familir on the  Asatruar take on Freya and Frigg.

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    I got Hel first but I retook the quiz and got Thor.

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    About a year late for this, but anyhow, K-Frog….

    There’s a metric buttload of things that suggest Freya and Frigg is the same person. I didn’t watch the videos, but for one thing “Freya” means “The Lady” as in “Queen”, I surmise. Also, it is said that Freya’s husband is named “Óðr” and is almost always away from home, and she searches for him under assumed names. This reeks more than a bit of Odin.

    And again, having the lord of the Asa gods and the lady of the Vana gods marry to ensure peace between the two god-tribes makes all kinds of sense, and thus it seems almost certain that Freya and Frigg is one and the same originally.

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