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Forums Community General Discussion When are we getting CO-OP offline option that was promissed?

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    Yes you post some notes that ”help” you set up your own server…which doesn’t help.
    Can you post an actual how to and where to get the needed files. Where to place batch. Can you post files to download at the very least how a private server .bat file should look like for let’s say PvE?

    Can you stop being complete buttholes and actually deliver what you promissed? Some people just want to play with their spouse without giving you guys another 50$ A YEAR so we can enjoy the product we PAYED FOR!!!!

    And why the hell doesn’t offline mode PAUSE the game when you press ESC???

    Jesus cripes you guys really are shady….should have known when you went for Epic…and now bethesda….i’m lost for words…all i can think of is bad language for you guys right now…really DISGUSTING!

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    Hey Rune_Thor, sorry for the delay. Here is a link to some information on hosting your own local server: /wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Rune_Host_Server.pdf . There are no current plans for couch co-op, you will need a second computer and a second copy of the game. It is not off the table entirely, as we are still figuring out the situation with new developers. Please understand this may take some time and we appreciate your patience. Here’s a link to the Rune II official Discord server if you’re interested:

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      No mr. James. Local Coop. As in star the game as a server to let people join in via lan. I don’t need couch coop and that ”host your own local” link is insulting. Why don’t you release actual files you need with MOST information instead of ”some” information. Second you expect people that never did play with own servers to know how to do it. Add it to the game like you promised over a year ago. Some of us play with their spouse and don’t want to pay another dime to play the game like you promised. Really you at least respond but this is just plain insulting. Be a man of your word and add the option for local private server to the game!

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