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    Besides Rune, of course šŸ™‚


    Mine is Kingdom Hearts. The opening still gives me goosebumps.

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    Hmm… so many to chose from. I remember being blown away by Deus Ex the first time the elevator doors opened inĀ Hong Kong. It really felt like I was on an adventure. The sentimental part of me will never forget saying goodbye to Manny’s pals on the train platform in Grim Fandango. What a sweet, charming game.

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    Unreal is something that occupied a special place in my heart forever. Played it back in late 1998 on old PC without any 3D accelerator in 320×240 software rendering with a jaw dropped.

    And then other Unreal engine games possessed me. UT, Deus ex, Undying and Rune of course. Sweet old times.

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    Nice! Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

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    Hmm, hard to pick one as most nostalgic…well hereĀ“s my top 4

    Typing … load “Maniac Mansion”,8,1 … and Run … on the C64 for the first time,
    then waiting for almost 25min … and OMG was that game awesome.

    Parents not at home (on a holiday) invited a friend to play Diablo II coop on local network,
    after 3 days of kicking the lord of terrorĀ“s arse we were like “hmm… itĀ“s getting boring,
    what else can we play ?”…. I said “hey, thereĀ“s that singleplayer rpg I never really started,
    the controls are totally wierd, but the 20min I played it were kinda cool, promising story” …
    my friend asked “whatĀ“s the name of the game” … I said “Gothic”.
    Well, the rest of the story is an ongoing love-affair for that kickass game.

    My older brother got his first PC (486DX2 66Mhz), but I didnĀ“t like it much because he only had
    boring games (to me at that age) like… Master of Magic, Syndicate and X-Wing.
    But then a classmate showed me a shareware demo he somehow got his hands on… DOOM !!!
    Guess what, thatĀ“s when I started PC-gaming and I never looked back.

    First time looking at beautiful explosions on the screen and hearing that deep voice yell
    “Damn ! Those alien bastards will pay for shooting up my ride !”
    Nuff said, eh ?

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    Awesome list you got there, Haltyr.

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    Very hard to pick indeed, what with playing stuff like the original Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda for NES for the first time and so on…. but here’s some moments that really stuck with me for whatever reasons, in no particular order (and I’ll not list Rune this time :P);


    • Little Big Adventure 2 – I remember this fondly as it was one of the first games I played with CGI cutscenes, and they were gorgeous. The game was a total adventure too, and I just loved how fun and interesting it was, all the amazing locations you went to, and the vehicles you got, and the characters you met.Ā  Would probably be frustrating to play in this day and age though, but back then, I loved it!
    • Ecstatica – Played this at my uncle’s place when I was a kid, and though I never made any significant progress in it, the setting, the graphics and the gameplay really fascinated me, and scared the hell out of me.
    • Super Mario 64 – This was a revelation when I first played it in the local game store. Running around outside of the castle at the very start, being able to explore everywhere, jump into the water, dive, climb trees…. It was just amazing! I still remember how weird it felt playing with the analogue stick at the start. Definitely took some getting used to.
    • Deus Ex – I will also need to list this. I friggin loved this game so much! My first playthrough was on the most difficult setting, “Realistic”, meaning you could get killed instantly by headshots. It was friggin tense!


    I guess a list of four might do. šŸ˜›

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    TES III! H-L: Opposing Force,Ā UT 1999, Unreal: The Awakening,Ā AvP: Director’s Cut (1999 also),Ā Ā Flatout 2… Ā Something else i forgot.

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    Traveling for hours across a desert to find jabbas palace in swg and a very low pixel sand storm drifting past my companions and I drifted away to reveal it on a ridge above us. We were locked out due to our level but the journey and adventure in finding it is still memorable.

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    Hell yeah, awesome games here. It’s crazy to look at how far the industry has come in such a short time.

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    This one is really tough for me since I go back to ATARI Pong 2000 in 1972. Thus, I will skip arcade games entirely as well. My 1st PC was an ACER XT that had a turbo button to go from 7 to 10 MHz! Woo Hoo! I played countless hrs. of LucasFilm’s “Their Finest Hour”, a Battle of Britain flight simulator using a CH joystick. This was back on 1988-9 and for RPG, I was playing Ultima V from Origin. The release of DOOM made me purchase a 386, eventually, as friends were getting tired of me using their PC (286) to play it. By the mid 90s, I had a Pentium 60, and was playing all the RTS’ such as Command and Conquer, and Warcraft.

    We had LAN parties where we used to connect using coaxial cables and spend half the night getting everyone to join a game. We would play Diablo until 4 am, and I spent time duping spellbooks, Archangel Staff of the Apocalypse and what not. At this time, I built my 1st PC (1997 – Pentium 166 MHZ) complete with 3DFX Voodoo Rush card. You name it, if there was a PC game box being sold at best Buy or Comp USA, I probably owned it. Like many, addicted to Starcraft / Diablo 2 and playing 1st Fallout. Then, one fine day, one of my co-workers from Apple came in with a burn of RUNE. I had a Pentium II by then. After 2 weekends of LAN, I ventured online and soon met Cujo – The rest is Rune history. We won’t demonize Belial about the Rune burn, he encouraged all of us to buy Rune and we did. It really was love at 1st sight. To this day, I consider RUNE the best video game ever made.

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    getting lost for weeks in the underground of Myst…

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    The Original Quake. That game got me going. I found RUNE at a time where I had moved and didnā€™t know anyone in my new state.. Rune warriors became like a virtual family- very tight group. Hail JuNN/RoV/iNi/LXG!
    Loner/HeyUpYours/SoulSaga/BadArm & Noobey: Hope to cross paths with you again!

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