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    What other games are you playing right now while you wait for the next Rune playtest? I’ve been playing a ton of Hollow Knight, one of the best Metroidvanias ever, in my opinion. Any recommendations?

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    Hollow Knight is an incredible game with a terrific sense of place. I just picked up the Switch port and I’m enjoying it just as much a second time through. I think it’s one of the few games to earn being compared to Dark Souls. You can’t go wrong with Super Metroid and Castlevania Symphony of the Night, which both remain atmospheric classics. Dead Cells will be leaving early access soon and that’s a very satisfying Metroidvania-like.

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    Yes! I was playing through Steam but decided to change to the Switch port while I was halfway through. Those guys deserve my money, that game is worth so much more than $15. I’ve heard good things about Dead Cells, I’ll definitely check it out!

    What else have you been playing recently?

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    I decided to get back into Elder Scrolls Online. Gonna try and beat the main quest, and then explore the Morrowind expansion to see how hard they can get the nostalgia to hit. It’s turned into a pretty good game, for what it is.

    Other than that I’m trying to finish up Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS, and also got West of Loathing on the Switch. By the GODS how awesome that is! So much funny stuff! Like when you are about to leave the farm at the start, your father gives you something that might help you on your journey, that belonged to your grandmother. A knuckleduster.

    Also, I laughed so hard at a random encounter, when I ran into a weird guy in the middle of the desert. He had three poles in the ground, with a series of stone discs stacked from biggest to smallest on the far left one, and he asked me to move the stone discs to the far right pole. (One of these puzzles)

    In order to solve the puzzle I needed to have a Mysticality stat of 20 I think it was, which I did. So I was able to pick the interaction option “Tell him what you think of the discs”. And the result became;


    “You flip him the double middle fingers and walk away, feeling a great sense of accomplishment.”


    Damn I love this game!

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    I also just tested the new Backer build for Underworld Ascendant, and though still rough around the edges, it reminded me just how much I love dark, immersive, atmospheric dungeon crawls. Very ambient, very dark, torches and light sources being so very important. If I close my eyes when the game is running, it reminds me of the sound and atmosphere in Rune Classic.

    I’ve mentioned it a few times now, already, in other places, but I really hope RUNE will have some dark, atmospheric, more linear dungeons/caves/tombs/ruins to explore, where a torch is all but required in large sections, and where music goes more low-key and is more focused on dark ambiance and atmosphere. Like many of the single player levels from Rune Classic campaign.

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    Hahah West of Loathing sounds awesome! I’ll have to try it at some point. Heard good things about Samus Returns as well.

    Underworld Ascendant looks cool, I look forward to seeing more.

    And thank you for the suggestion!

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    After just recently completing my play through of the Bioshock games, I actually picked up Hollow Knight, having heard only good things about it and wanting to try something new (before the Bioshock games, I played through the God of War games (up to and including God of War 3 – didn’t have my copy of Ascension at the time, and do not yet own a PS4)). I’ve only put a good 10 hours into the game so far, but overall I’m enjoying it – though it can definitely also be frustrating!

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    Yes, it definitely has its frustrating moments! When I ended up changing to the Switch port, I really noticed how much better I had gotten at the combat since my first time playing. I’m willing to bet you’d experience the same 😏

    What was your favorite BioShock game? Fun fact (that you might already know): Human Head Studios did some development support on Infinite.

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    I try getting into a mindset of “it doesn’t matter how much Geo you have, you’ll lose it by repeated fumbling anyway” when I play, but I do improve ever so slightly every time, and it definitely helped to get and equip the Charm that removes the slight knock-back when you hit an enemy and the Dash ability 😀 !

    As for BioShock, I did notice at least Chris Rhinehart and a Halsted being mentioned in the credits (yeah, I actually sit and watch the credits after completing a game 😛 ). Thinking back at my experience with the games, I just can’t pick a favorite, as I thoroughly enjoyed playing through all three of them (and the DLC – especially second episode of Burial at Sea) – ignoring the frequent-ish crashes of BioShock 1 and 2 (the Remastered editions).

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    Totally! Dashing was a game changer, and it only gets better 😀

    Ok, for sure. And that’s really cool you noticed their names in the credits haha, color me impressed!

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    July, damn it… I’ve been sleeping for too long. Now i want to reply to all of these. Anyone got a time machine?

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      No problem with a bump 🙂 I’m finishing up Celeste right now, it’s been awesome!

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