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    As you might know, Rune has five categories of “regular” weapons: swords, axes, hammers, spears, and bows. But, there are also improvised weapons, so you’ll be able to finish your enemies off with a rake or an oar, for example. This leads to the title of this thread: what improvised weapons do you all want to see in Rune?

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    Whale harpoon.

    Boat anchor.

    A stool.

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    Maybe claws or horns or tusks from bigger creatures?

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    ‘had picked up an anvil from the deck and with it split his skull’ – The long ships by Frans Gunnar Bengtsson 🙂

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    Melee: Mallet, Gad, Chisel, Saw, Lumber Axe, Cleaver, Wooden Hammer, Scythe, Torch (!), Log, Burning Log, Rock, Brick, Stool, Chair, Lamp Post, Fire Rake (<- classic murder weapon), Pan, Skewer, Meat Cleaver

    Ranged: Bucket of frigid water, Pot of bone glue, Pot of birch pitch, Oil lamp, Kettle of boiling water, Pot of quicklime, Bee skep

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    A giant bone!

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    Ayy these are awesome suggestions, everyone! Thank you 😀 I’ll be passing them along to the rest of the dev team. Keep em’ coming!

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    Good call, Painka! The Long Ships or Röde Orm (Orm the Red) is an amazing book!

    Here’s another suggestion from the book;


    Orm bent down and seized hold of the great chopping-block which stood at the entrance to the woodshed. With his arms almost cracking from the strain, he lifted it from the ground, took a step forward and flung it with all his might at the open doorway. The foremost of his enemies managed to throw themselves aside in time, but several of those behind were hit and fell to the earth groaning.

    ‘That was a useful thought,’ said Rapp.


    I’m thinking a really heavy chopping block you can’t put in your inventory. Just pick up, hold over your head and be reduced to slower moving speed, but when you throw it it knocks any and all humanoids (not giants, maybe) to the ground and does massive damage.

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    Oh. And this.



    Yes. Both one-handed and two-handed versions.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! The fish attack would be hilarious haha

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    Here`s a recipe I figured:

    Ingredients: 1x empty vessel, 1x ladle or equivalent, 2x jellyfishes.

    Procedure: Go to the coastline, find 2 jellyfishes there, carefully put them in the vessel with the ladle, seal the vessel.

    Result: a jellybomb throwable. Depending on the jellyfish species it may have various effects, such as:

    2x Stinging jellyfishes – An opponent will receive poison damage, distorted vision and painful cramping. Hell stay on his feet, but wont be able to control himself adequately for some time. If he`s hit in the head, he in addition goes blind temporarily.

    2x Stunning jellyfishes – An opponent will receive poison damage, blurry, disfocused vision and muscle relaxation on naked parts of the body. If the arm is damaged it becomes immobilized and loses the grip of a weapon. If he`s hit in the head, he falls incapacitated.

    1x of each kind – effects are combined with the half of strength.

    Have fun, warriors, but observe safety rules.

    Sincerely yours, Painka, shaman of the East.🙂

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    Cool idea, Painka! 😀

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    Hey all.

    While its already stated there are no plans for flexible weapons for now, I will share the idea of combining your throwables into multi-throwable. Its based on Bolas (Boleadoras) originally used to tangle animals` feet, IMO it can be helpful to fight with bigger creatures, such as giants or dragons. Will require 2 or 3 or standard rocks or bombs and few pieces of rope.

    Possible advantages: extra range, damage and larger area of effect.

    Disadvantages: usable only if you stay in the open, requires time to spin, useless in close quarters.

    I know theres not a big chance to see it in game, but still this is the idea Id like to share. Also, check for the relative types of weaponry, such as Arctic yo-yo and Meteor hammer

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    Cool idea, Painka! You are correct that we stated no flexible weapons are planned, but I’ll make note of it. Thanks!

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    take any type of world element and kill people with it

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    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    The head of my enemies…

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    A bow/ballista trap. I mean crafting a primitive but strong bow specially for planting. Anyone have ideas for traps, by the way?

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      Caltrops were used as early as 331 BC, in the battle of Gaugamela as mentioned by Curtius Rufus. The roman Tribulus was a barbed caltrop design essentially identical to those fielded in following millennia until today.


      I’m not a huge fan of this idea though. RUNE should be as fast and straight forward as the original. No time to watch out for (player built) traps.

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      Well, caltrops were primarily used against masses of mounted cavalry if I`m not mistaken. Cavalry is definitely not the case of Rune, but why not? This is just the right piece against Giants!

      Rune gameplay is pretty tense alright, but in the original there were relatively uncrowded areas which you can explore and look for some items. Hope the new Rune will have them too, because some people get tired of constant fights and feeling of danger. And in such areas one-use traps would fit nicely I guess. They can be backlit too, like other world objects.

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    I want my Broadsword back with that extremely useful ability to wield a shield with it. And a pack of goblins. -_-

    Perfect for severing limbs. Not too devastating in terms of damage, right moves, just what is needed.


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    Moose (or other large deer like creature) antler. I’d love the ability to rend these items off of dead critters and bludgeon people with them.

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    Ooh! Chamber pot, with the added benefit of being able to make the affected individual ill for a short period of time. If you wanted to add a little crass humor, you could make it so you could “use” the pot befor wielding it.

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    Heh! The idea with using the chamber pot reminds me of this.

    Man, that South Park game looks just as shit now as it did back then…

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    How about a broken off dragon head-shaped ship bow (bowsprit)? That can also be ignited?
    Perhaps throwable fishing nets to tangle the enemies.
    Also throwing barrels. Perhaps barrels full of fish. Or lizards.

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    Appreciate the ideas, 17!

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    If I remember correctly there is already some knock-down mechanic in the game, right ?
    Meaning enemies can knock you to the ground and you decide which way to get back on your feet
    (forward & attack or evade back or sideways).
    How about being able to grab some dirt or snow while on the ground (use key)
    which you can throw into your enemies face when standing up ?

    Ah yeah, while talking about fighting dirty…
    When you drink mead and shatter the jar on the ground, there could be a leftover to pick up again.
    The strap-handle with some shards I mean, could be one really nasty knuckleduster.

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    Kicking sand for vision canceling.
    Thowable objects (Skulls, chairs, rocks, crates)

    Maybe throw in some hidden joke weapons? (Fishing rod???)

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