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    so i played a bit of deathmatch. it’s fun. i really really like the blocking. makes then fights less click spammy.

    now, i see there is a ton of weapons (really havent thought much about rune since the steam beta closed). i’m assuming most of them have a different damage value. i havent riguroulsy tested each one but its safe to say so.

    so, while hectickly fighting off other players, what do you think about some system along the lines where items get auto arranged in the quickbar, by our choosing?

    for instance (auto loadouts, im gonna call them), in between deaths we could select a loadout to auto organize weapons by damage in the quickbar.
    another loadout could be to auto place a healing item in slot 1, a one handed weapon (slot2, etc), a two handed weapon, a ranged weapon.

    i hope you get the idea.
    so, i’m not into the development of this game nor do i kow what the devs want it to be, but from what i played, i could see these auto arrangements of weapons and items helping me towards focusing on the fights.

    i do enjoy to some degree the items management in solo (even then, i die a bit inside when i see 500 types of weapons), but in multiplayer, maybe some auto loadouts, would help a lot to get organized and still be in the fight.

    there’s a ton of weapons and stuff and manual organizing these during a deathmatch seems like a waste of time and extra deaths while in inventory management.

    some kind of auto loadouts would be nice.

    what do you all think about it? cheers

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    Loadouts and different inventory sorting is something we’ve seen a lot of feedback about this weekend. I’ll make sure this gets passed to the teams responsible.

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