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    I think this song should be in Rune!


    Post viking songs you like most!

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    And this!

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    Heh. As much as I love metal, I hope none make it into the game. I’d rather have fitting music with heavy percussion and horns etc, but more grim and ominous than heroic sounding.

    That said, I always liked these guys.

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    Well the end credits could have the Prophecy of Ragnarok 😀 But otherwise i agree!

    Something like this:

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    If they decided to add any metal to the end credits, I think it would have to be instrumental only. Like, a heavy version of the main theme or something. Like “Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade” did back in the day.



    The heavy main theme starts at 1:48.

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    Yea Knights of the temple were awesome! That theme too! I still listen to the soundtrack sometimes.

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    Not cool with all the death metal stuff really. Would prefer more of soundtrack like the original. Music only where it’s needed…written and used well…and atmospheric AF!!!

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      None of these are death metal.

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      Whatever genre they belong to.

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    Folks, and let’s not forget about one of the forefathers of Viking Metal. The one and mighty Manowar!!!

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    And while we’re there, the band that makes any fantasy game 1,000 better!

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    To clarify; I definitely don’t want any metal in the actual game. Dark, atmospheric drums and horns etc all the way.

    The ONLY place it would make sense would be when the credits roll, as a heavier arrangement of the main theme or something.

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    Another gem. This whole album is awesome! Wizard – Odin!

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    Hmm… I suppose if you like the power metal type of music these are ok (referring to Brothers of Metal and Wizard), but I have personally gone off that stuff.

    Old Ensiferum is still good, but their newer stuff is going further and further towards “easy-listening-generic-folky-viking-glorious-battle-metal”, and almost none of the old more melancholic stuff.

    I hate the term “viking” metal. I hate the term “viking” being tacked onto anything Norse or Old Scandinavian.

    I tend to like darker, more introverted stuff, stuff delving more into the thoughts and actual spiritualistic worldview of the old Norse, or rather, old North Germanics. The whole “waving-swords-running-heroically-into-glorious-battle” comes across as pretty childish to me these days. But then, maybe I’m just getting old :p

    I guess this is one of the reasons some Black Metal appeals more to me than Power metal. Their lyrics are generally darker and explore the deeper things, not just the shallow “glorious battle” stuff. I mean, the Norse world view was very…. not ONLY dark…. but it had dark and light in equal measure. There was no purely good or evil. There can be evil men and good men, but there’s no grand Good vs Evil conflict. Odin was not a “good guy”. He was unpredictable and fickle with his favor. He was selfish and power-hungry. Still a very wise man, and a god to be respected and feared. But a FAR cry from the benevolent Marvel version. Also, the Norse gods were just ONE part of the Norse “religion”, or what I rather would call “world view”. They had spirits of various kinds, and a whole shamanistic aspect which most don’t realise. Though the show Vikings have made that a bit more well known. (Accuracy not withstanding).

    Anyways, my point is, thus, that darker Nordic music appeals to me more. Like Heilung.



    And also why I like Thyrfing’s later stuff. It’s more about metaphors using Norse beliefs as the language. Their best lyrics is in swedish, and their english ones just don’t have the same depth and complexity.

    This song is brilliant, and really fits Rune; Ragnarok’s theme, but the lyrics are very straightforward compared to their swedish stuff.


    But, once again, I do NOT want any licensed metal music in the game itself! Just discussing music here 😛

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    MoonSorrow is so good

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    They are exceptionally good.

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    Can’t go wrong with these guys.

    And all hail the forefather of it all. To many to choose.


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    Actually not pagan metal but the first thing that turned up when I first looked for RR related content on youtube. The video went online more than 4 years ago, probably long before HH decided to make the game.

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      Interesting how they are clearly and without a doubt using Human Head’s RUNE logo…

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      Sure, but suing people for copyright infringement isn’t nearly half as cool as owning a metal band 😀

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    Most excited for grind gear then go PVP mode rly hope this game comes out tru !!!! Best of luck guys

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    One more!

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