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    The Human Head Studios team is committed to delivering the best version of Rune to Steam Early Access. Rune blends intense Action-RPG survival gameplay with savage PvP and PvE battles, and after undergoing a series of closed betas and gathering feedback from the community, we’re confident we can make the game even bigger and better.

    With a heavy axe and large mug of mead, we announce that the game will now launch this Winter.

    Although we were close to the anticipated launch, there was feedback from the community that we felt needed to be incorporated prior to release. We’re excited to continue to improve the game with the extra development time and still want continual input from the community through our beta tests. The most important goal is to deliver a game that is bug-free, balanced, deep and, most importantly, a massive amount of fun. Here’s what the extra time allows us to do:

    – Greater god interaction: more player abilities, additional quests, narrative, and blessings and curses
    – Additional combat polish to player attacks and enemy abilities
    – Adding the female player character
    – Additional rebuildables (more buildings, structures, and shrines)
    – Rework the crafting system to have more diverse crafting recipes
    – More places to explore and more secrets to discover
    – Additional fierce enemies: Dragons, Sea Serpents, additional Giants, and some surprises

    Community members who have pre-ordered the game before September 12 at 11:59 PM CDT will be guaranteed entry into all upcoming beta tests.

    What comes next? Stay tuned to our social media channels, and our website, blog, and forums for more news and updates as we march toward launch.

    Sharpen your axe, Vikings! Loki awaits, and the battle will soon rage on!

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    At first I wasn’t happy with being the game delayed after I purchased the god-slayer edition ’cause it made me feel a little scared.

    But knowing that I will have access to all upcoming beta tests made me feel better (mostly because I will finally be able to play e.e).

    Now for what I actually know about the game is because of youtube videos of people nothing more, but I will still say some things based of what I’ve seen of the game.

    – I liked the ”more player abilities and blessings and curses”, it will add more depth to the gameplay. Also more quests and narrative are neato burrito.

    – When I saw ”additional combat polish to player attacks” My hole body was saying ”YES”.

    – More building is nice. Also more options of walls and building could be nice to let imagination of players go wild.

    – The crafting system needs a rework yeah. Also apart of the crafting system is the user interface, I don’t know if it’s only me but it’s a little bland, all feels
    like it lacks of some love.

    – Yaiii more places! Yaii more secrets!


    The only ”bad” thing I think this can do to the game is the Steam Comunnity. Yeah, you can’t pre order in Steam but Steam people are steamy (jaja, get it) and will be like ”ughhh delayed wtf developers don’t careeee” even if you have this message send to Steam it’s more likely that the 70% of the people won’t read it there xDDD I just hope it has good reactions and not creating any problem for the game when launch.


    Aaaand also I like the game a lot and I want you guys to know that you are all awesome! (Also Chris Rhinehart I love your hair thank you for blessing us with your hair on the streamings)

    Have all Human Head Studios a nice day!

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    It’s all good. Obviously, Human Head cares about Rune’s quality more than anyone, so I know it’s in good hands.

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      If Wendol Snowbeasts make a return, I’ll seriously buy a few extra copies to giveaway. Promise! 🙂

      Those guys were the best!

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    En mi humilde opinión creo que las actualizaciones que están pidiendo los jugadores se pudo hacer mediante parches de actualización en el juego tal como se viene haciendo en cualquier juego… estaba tan ansioso que saliera el juego ya este 19 de septiembre y mataron mis ilusiones 🙁

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      I understand your thought process. We think this extra time will be beneficial for everyone in the long run. Thanks for your thoughts, and we appreciate your patience!

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    Of course I want to get my hands on the game, but this is really good news. I look forward to seeing the planned changes.

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      Thanks for voyaging with us!

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    Ahhh, to be setting at the Feasting Tables once more in Valhalla! I can hardly wait!

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    Dear Rune Community,

    Of course all of us want to play the new version as soon as possible, but I really think this is absolutely the right move for everyone involved; especially Human Head Studios. Indeed, the Steam community can be quite brutal on early access games, and those 1st few weeks after it becomes available are critical to the long-term success of the game. The good news is that I have absolute faith in the ability of the development team to produce a game we can all be proud of, and excited to recommend to others.

    The competition to produce popular, successful games is enormous. A case in point, take a game like Conan Exiles, which developed over the past 2 years was released on April 18th. (Funcom) – This game is perhaps the apex survival game with a huge world, deep crafting system, and complex character customization. It has 3 different ways to play it, PVP, PVE with controlled PvP, and just plain PVE – When released, it had so many problems, that the game was assassinated by some review sites, not to mention so many scathing reviews by people who purchased it, not even understanding the goals of most survival games. Here we are 5 months later, and Conan Exiles is an amazingly well made game that is constantly updated and has a strong, but much smaller community. Not unlike the way we were (Rune Community) in mid-2001 with release of Rune: Halls of Valhalla. The release did create a near instant division in the Rune community, as some wanted the original movement to remain like 1.0/1.01 – and many adopted the 1.07 , myself included. Yet, many of us back then were concerned how the community began to rapidly shrink and become disjointed. HH gave us a game that we could expand, and this saved the game from the near complete oblivion that would have ensued. The truth is, that many of the Runers that I got to know, were some of the most brilliant people playing a video game on the web. Together we made the best online gaming community, I ever experienced. The good news is that we are going to get a 2nd chance to do this.

    I’m an early backer for numerous survival games. Currently playing Hunt: Showdown which is a fine early access game with unique qualities. It is a hybrid of survival horror game with stellar PvPvE elements. I strongly recommend, but it’s not easy. SCUM has to be one of the most innovative games I ever saw. Not only is it an extremely difficult survival game with the most comprehensive medical monitoring interface imaginable, it’s tremendous fun. I had a rented server within 4 days and had spawned almost all items the game has produces, but I noticed they were adding stuff almost daily, and test stuff, was working like the next day. Devolver is one helluva game developer. The new Rune will echo many of the elements of modern survival games, but in a setting we could have only dreamed of back in the old days. Compared to Rune, all those other games are meaningless to me. We have to be patient and helpful to get the Rune we all want.

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    Me gano la emocion espero me comprendan…..


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    Soooo, when’s the next beta test then 😀

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    Great decision!! Let’s test it more and make it awesome!

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    I pre ordered today but does that mean, I have no beta access, because I ordered too late?

    Anyway, I thank you very much for making Rune and stay close to the community


    Appreciate it. Keep on the good work.



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      Hey Rhysk! Thanks for preordering. Yes, the beta keys were only promised to those who pre-ordered before the 13th, but there will more opportunities to get access so stay tuned and make sure to check our social media in the coming weeks 🙂

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      Hey Rhysk! Thanks for preordering. Yes, the beta keys were only promised to those who pre-ordered before the 13th, but there will more opportunities to get access so stay tuned and make sure to check our social media in the coming weeks 🙂

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    Thanks for the support, everyone. We will announce the next playtest soon!!

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    Nice shot, i take de god slayer edition, and play the beta acess, very nice to play.  i cannot wait to play this fantastic game,  keep the good work.

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    I can’t wait to play the next beta and Early Access 🙂 You do a great work to improve this game

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    Thanks all, can’t wait to bring you back to Midgard!

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    This winter already? Wow, such wonderful news. Just don’t rush things, please, take as much time as needed. We’ve been waiting 18 years, after all. So we sure know how to wait, especially for something as important, as Rune. 🙂

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      Thanks Copper! Great to have long-time Rune supporters on the forums 🙂

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    This game seems to be very amazing!

    Me and many discord friends are very excited thinking it will be released soon. I hope to be lucky getting a beta key for the early access to the game content,because i have done this many times in past for other good games,supporting developers and community with my elderly experience of fantasy mmorpg games and suggesting then the game to friends and other people on social media who really want to feel true emotions like in old school online game (like UO,etc).

    I think the starting developers team of Prey has done samething really special in the game’s universe and I am sure this title will be really awesome,a milestone in this kind of games.


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      Thanks The Last Hero! Great to hear you and your friends are excited – make sure you all sign up for the Closed Beta while you can! Here’s the link: /rune-beta-program/

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