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    So, I have been playing the game for the last couple of days on PC and really love it and its quite beautiful. However I am CONSTANTLY re-equipping my armor. Is this a mechanic of some sort that I’m not picking up on? Or is this a bug that I wasn’t able to find in the forums?
    Its extremely irritating to have to go into my inventory and reequip my gear every couple of minutes. Its happened when I’m not even fighting, just standing around cooking or cutting down trees. I really dont want to believe this is an intentional implementation. If I could get some clarification on this one way or another it would make me less frustrated lol. Even if its a bug I’ll at least have my answer.

    Also would like to point this out. If you’re trying to get into a raft or boat and you push E too many times or too quickly, it will lock your camera and your character will free roam out of site. The camera sticks on the boat and the character doesn’t.

    Also the Loki’s Sword recipe says you can salvage it when in fact you cant, it just disappears when you select USE and there is no salvage option.

    Anyhow, I really did try to find these issues in the forums and I’m sorry if I missed them and I’m just being redundant.

    Thank you!

    Mad Max East 17

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    If your gear is unequipped automatically, that might be a bug. If some pieces are exchanged, it’s due to the current pickup mechanics. There are already some threads about this topic around here, for example:

    /topic/automatic-equip-please-cancel-it/ (Suggestions)

    /topic/feedback-from-dexter_the_igorhunter/ (Bugs & Other Issues)

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    Hey thanks for the link! I did see that one and its a pretty good work up. I assumed the equipping gear when you pick it up thing was intentional because there are a lot of games that use that mechanic even though i haven’t met a single person EVER in the history of time that enjoyed that feature lol.
    The one I’m talking about is, I’ll just be standing around and my helmet and breastplate will be unequipped for no apparent reason, it isn’t even broken. I noticed when things break they disappear but my items are always fully repaired unless I’m out in the wilderness for a long time. But I can be standing in the woods doing nothing (go to get a drink or make a sammich) come back and some of my items are not equipped anymore. Often times I’ll be in a fight and my helmet and sword will disappear during the fights and I didn’t even pick up anything. I’m at a point in the game where I dont pick up stuff anymore. Basically farming the feats or whatever they are called for killing things and collecting resources so I know its not a pick up issue.

    Ill just continue on this post if the issue changes or i find other things. So far the few I’ve listed are all I’ve seen. Well i did find a cave with an endless spawn of draug the other day. Nonstop spawning and my health was stuck at 100% I could just stand there and they beat on me till i killed them and when i did 5-7 more would instantly pop up.

    Thanks for the Reply 28154.

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