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    In the original Rune, a lot of players
    mainly liked the Dwarf Work Sword. This
    two handed weapon they felt was the
    best in the game.

    Other players avoided the game because
    they thought the weapons were too uneven.

    But the one handed weapons had a faster
    melee/swinging rate. Also with a one
    handed weapon, using a shield gave you
    more damage control.

    Some of the death match maps made by players
    might have lacked ease of shield replenishment.
    So the one handed weapons seemed weaker because
    either players did not swing the weapons fast enough
    or played with 1 handed weapons without using shields.

    Glad to see that both weapon types are available
    in Rune Ragnarok with much improved single handed
    weapons and beefier shields.

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    Can’t remember but there was a hack where you could do something drop/pick up your shield and you could glitch a 2 handed to one handed… I think? Had a lot of fun hacking on my server back then

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