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    ( if this game going to have building construction and other survival elements according to video previews or infos)

    A toggle nudity Like a Feature or allow player’s character to take off and on whole equipment/or fully undressed(including undergarments) in fully naked (with censorship toggle) instead of locked behind undergarments.

    Inspiration : Like how other survival games has such as Rust, Savage lands(EA), Conan exiles(especially), SCUM(EA),Remnants(SOON) and Stone Rage (SOON).

    Reason/Impact : For immersion/realism, additional detail and Roleplay.
    And it could be part of gameplay too if theres other features going to be related to that, like Temperature effects, some equipment clothing negative effects like diseases , poison, etc..

    I mean its just like how you adding severed limbs as weapon feature in game?
    If that is ok then what about survivalism nudity content? Wheres the love for that?.
    (Remember, Im not asking for P**N or explict nsfw feature content )

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    RUNE II will not have nudity.

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