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    Our voyage into Closed Beta was as bountiful as it was bloody. Community members from all realms convened on Midgard to battletest the lands and destroy their enemies. Over the past few weeks, the team has poured their blood, sweat, and tears (yes, Vikings cry) into Rune. August will be filled with big announcements, more playtests, and action-packed updates. Later this month, brave warriors will once again set foot on Midgard and see significant updates including;

    AI Enhancements
    Our AI has been overhauled with a wider arrange of attack options (including lunges and jump attacks), the ability to dodge and block incoming attacks, the power to harness Rune abilities, and an arsenal of weapons that can be switched mid-fight. If you weren’t playing with friends before, you’ll want to during the next battle.

    Combat Improvements
    Towards the end of Closed Alpha, directional attacks and combos mimicking Rune Classic were added. Now, dodges will function similarly to Rune Classic (meaning you can attack during a dodge and dodges won’t cancel attacks). We’ve also improved combo button press timing, improved weapon hitboxes, adjusted animation speeds, and made combat feel much smoother by reducing rubberbanding when playing online.

    Your Viking prayers have been answered and the next battle will include a clan system. Group up with friends to take down the biggest enemies or attack rival Vikings without dismembering your friends in the process. (We see you Rune Classic fans.)

    We’re always working on fixing bugs, improving server stability, and optimization. Expect to see significant ship stability improvements during the next battle – sail around Midgard to your heart’s content. (Providing you find the resources to craft your ship.)

    We’re excited to continue building this game with you. We’ll announce the next battle as soon as we’re ready to get your feedback on some our new features (a new UI, maybe?). Stay up to date with our development by checking us out on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or signing up for our newsletter. I think we still have some beta keys laying around…

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    Nice! Can’t wait to try.

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    I also can’t wait! I think you’ll all appreciate the updates.

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    “Towards the end of Closed Alpha, directional attacks and combos mimicking Rune classix were added.”

    yes. Yes. YES!!!

    Now with the groundwork laid, are there plans to bring back parries and remove generic weapon block?

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      “Group up with friends to take down the biggest enemies or attack rival Vikings without dismembering your friends in the process.”

      This should be a server option: FF on/off, FF dismemberment on/off, FF damage slider 0-100%

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    Glad to see the excitement, LOPT! For now, there are no plans to add parrying or change blocking beyond balancing/polishing. There will be PvE and PvP servers, which essentially means FF on or off. You of course can join one of ours or make your own! We would be interested in looking at something like a FF damage slider for server settings. Thanks for the suggestion.

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