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    Good day,

    I love Rune, I love the franchise and love the idea that a sequel is out. I have played it for about one hour and I have to be honest: this does not feel like a finished product. Haphazard UI (the main menu says online and local instead of single and multiplayer. That’s…odd, like you are still talking shop instead of making it a user friendly interface), poor controller support, lagging, stuttering, a couple crashes here and there…it is not polished. This is still early access, late early access possibly but not a full release. Let’s also point out that the version marketed as ready for launch is in fact the 0.0.9L. Maybe it’s me and this last point is totally normal but i’ve always seen games marked as 1.0 when ready.

    I had to ask for a refund and I am really sorry about it. I have been waiting for this for LONG, i used to play the first rune with friends back when it first came out and we loved it. I do not want to besmirch that memory with Rune 2 as it is now. I also do not like when games come out half-arsed and get patched up as they go on the skin of early buyers. Am I the only one thinking this?

    My question: hoping that you will see the validity of my point, could you inform me on what a honest timeline is to see a proper release. I will be happy to give you my money again once that happens. Glad to be contacted privately if you do not feel discussing it here, but no huge hopes for that.

    Thank you

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    Hello, thank you for your feedback and giving the game a try, I’m sorry it was not what you were hoping for. We will have an announcement about future updates soon. Thanks.

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    Hey buddy. I would recommend t hat you don’t get that refund. They have just released patches last night that have improved the complaints that you had.

    Just give it a go. It is only a day into release

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    Cheers for that and i saw the update but i got the refund nevertheless.

    I will wait some more.

    “It is only a day into release”–> this is exactly what I am talking about. Would you buy anything, a tv even, at regular price (given, this is not the most expensive game ever sold, i appreciate that), on the promise that “it might be crap now but we will fix it as we go, pinky-promise”?

    I am sorry but no, especially since game got published and studio disbanded within 24 hours from one another. And the fact that the industry has some people believe that to buy “half-finished” or “3/4 finished” is ok, is frankly beyond me.

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    It’s totally that.
    Unpolished and many issues… hoard of deers or mobs spawning and doing nothing, you can climb some places that are 2x higher than you and can’t climb places that are smaller than your char, many bugs, many untranslated things, illogical stats on items, recipes that are unlocked via path that disappear for good, and so on… many many bugs…
    IA stupid and spawn on top of trees or mountain and are stuck there, continuous rain of fire… yep…
    That’s not a finished product.
    My thought is they knew they would close the studio so released the game anyway to get some refund over investment on it.

    But I still gonna give them a try… let’s see if they can fulfill their promises or if they’re like many greedy studios being indie or not…

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    You gave it a proper proper go. I could tell immediately: hover the mouse on any of the main menu entries, the menu where it says local instead of single player. You can see this strange boxy halo around the entry you have the pointer on, like they didn’t even have the time to finish that.

    Have you ever seen the movie gung-ho where they have to meet this impossible car production quota on a deadline and it looks like they managed?

    Look, i don’t want to go as far as suspecting extreme ill will, but i do think they sorta had to “shit it in” because they had the stringent deadline of the closure. Or maybe they had the deadline imposed by the powers-that-be who knew about the closure.

    Like I said: happy to be proven wrong, but not my on money. My wallet is on standby for if and when they’ll release a decent update and patch it properly.

    Mayhaps with the steam release?

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    No local coop, terrible optimized, even single player lags with hit boxes. Unexplained freeze effects, getting stuck, tons of bugs, no TDM or DM….YEA IT’S TOTALLY FINISHED…MY GOD what kind of shit was this before you sold out to EPIC?….you better fix these issues because you look like fucking assholes right now!!!

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