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    Short clip showing off some new environments. Odin is always watching…

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    Looking cool! The Odin statue is really badass, and that cracked stone with the glowing vegvisir-like runic symbol on it is very nice looking!


    Couple of questions though;


    Is the spear the Odin statue is holding meant to be representative of Gungnir? Looks like a very common spear, rather than the dwarvenforged legendary spear of the Allfather. Is it a placeholder spear? I suppose the statues may just be sort of representing the attributes and characteristics of the gods rather than being exact images of said god. Like the Odin statue just shows him holding *A* spear, rather than *THE* spear Gungnir, as it just shows that spears in general are associated with Odin.


    All these huge statues. They are awesome and all, but is there going to be an in-game reason for why they exist? Who carved them all and why?

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    Thanks HT! I’ll try to get those answers for you, appreciate the questions!

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