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    First, Rune II combat was noticeably improved. Hit boxes and netcode are definitely far closer to being in sync during combat. Especially when using spear and viking sword. The hammer is working much better, but timing is very delicate and probably not a weapon of choice when several other opponents are around. Damage is good. Bows now feel balanced. (good job) – Great sword has good speed and range, but honestly I was getting more damage on back swings, than on normal attacks. I think great sword hit boxes need to be looked at. On the other hand, large axe seems to work okay. I think all the largest weapons need to do 15% more damage on normal attacks and be able to destroy shields, degrade blocking weapons. It’s really hard to connect with them, thus they should be able to do more damage and at least stagger/knockdown opponents when using power attacks. Lifting shield to block remains a sluggish animation. It needs to be crisp like in Classic. The combat is very defensive oriented, and perhaps this can be addressed by shields/weapons decay or greater stamina cost to block. Throwing has a good speed, but should do more damage with larger weapons, perhaps at the cost of range. The spear remain OP, but everyone likes it. It’s easily the best weapon. Lastly, I think dodging simply adds more defense to an already defensive oriented combat model. It can be said that it was used offensively in Rune Classic, but this was not a bad thing. Rune II’s dodging simply not as useful or at least this is my impression of it so far. I would actually prefer to be able to roll left or right when knocked down. That would be useful and a little more fair. Once player is knocked down, dying is almost a sure thing.

    TDM was tremendous fun and being able to see teammate banners through terrain made staying together easier. I still have to agree with many in that we should be able to control when we respawn, also we should be able to see name of who killed us. I realize that much of what we are complaining about may not be able to be addressed before launch, but hoping that some of it can. Rune II is no longer the button mashing mess it was last year and from my perspective about 20-25% better than on July DM test. Thank you for working so hard to make Rune II a better game before launch.

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