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    Many of our forum participants are long-time fans of Rune Classic. What moments have defined your Rune Classic experience? Every story is encouraged 🙂 Thank you to everyone for keeping the Rune Viking honor alive for so long. ⚔️

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    There are lots of great memories but one of my favourites certainly is winning the deciding map DM-Ostara with FF-Coyote and FF-Klay in an insanely intense 3v3 Clanwar against AVM.

    Another really great memory were the Capture the Torch sessions together with the Killraven Clan.

    And i guess most will have their favourite screenshot of that particular round of DM-Rotarena where everything went better than expected. i certainly do! somewhere in the archives…

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    Getting a really long throw with a head or limb in headball was always nice, and getting the extra point goals in Monteczuma, DragonKeep and HelRaiser . The Aztec-esque warrior sport aspect of the mode was really well “fleshed out” if you will. Sure it’s easier to score getting as close as you can and viewing (aiming) down and throwing, but if you knew the game physics and mechanics well enough you could throw from afar and with people attacking you

    Going around the cramped hallways of Hildir with a big weapon in multiplayer was always fun, once you found the way to time your jump attacks to fit the map layouts.

    All the maps, from Alfheim, Gates, Havlamahl,  Hudson, Ingles, Lost Crypt, Zorn, Thorstadt, Ruins, the mosh pit Lava Pit where you pick up a small weapon then go into battle and try to chain as many kills for a bloodlust as possible, Hel, Coliseum, Acid Chamber, Skorir, Sanctum, Ice Cavern, Helevator, GeoThermal, DwarfForge, Chaos, Bothvar, and especially Seaside

    The element of stealth and surprise in the hallways and darker areas

    The design of some Arena maps where the spectators watch from above and interfere with the match if the combatants step on a certain area

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    Those are awesome memories 😀

    Are either of you entered in the Rune Classic tournament by chance? I entered just for fun but anticipate a swift defeat haha

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      Loved/hated those AR maps where you could crush/kill from the stands!

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      Indeed Go@t, like AR-Chess, where you could move pieces and knock players in to the abyss or any other number of maps that allowed map creators to implement all sorts of fiendish traps activated by spectators. I have many great memories testing maps made by other players, LizardKing’s, Hrothgar’s and Skrewball’s maps come to mind. It’s hard to pick a favorite memory because I have so many. I have thought of writing my Rune memoirs, but I guess it sounds a little stupid to write a book about my experiences in a video game. The truth is that I was all over the place and interacted with 1000s of players. By looking at some of my cd-rw burns of screenshots, I see the names and the memories flood back. I could go on forever talking about Rune.

      That was then and this is now. On November the 12th, 2019 we will have a new chance to forge a new legacy in the annals of Rune. We finally have the chance to play a new version of Rune. Many of us have dreamed of that day, and now we have a date with destiny. No game release is perfect, this is a fact. Stay patient, give Human Head feedback that helps improve the game. When game is released in Steam, it will sell like crazy, even with trolls posting mixed reviews. Arena is promised, and I will hold them to it, so don’t worry my AR friends. For now we will enjoy a brand new environment and many new memorable adventures await us!

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    Fighting 1v2 against bs+shields saving the round without a scratch. Killed them with forward strike plus jump to bypass their shields.

    That’s what I am going to miss in the new RUNE: angles of attack.

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      Cool memory! Thanks for sharing.

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    @hhjames no i didnt sign up because im out of shape and its hard to fit in a tournament in my current time schedule. but i wish best of luck to those who signed up! hopefully you discover some convincing beauty in the old-style gamemodes. 😉

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      Thanks D0p3-FiSh! I’ll need the luck.

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    For me it was the ability to add to the world you guys created. For me to be able to think anything up I wanted and have other people enjoy it. So for me it was making my own maps for the game for sure and hosting them on my server for friends.

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      That’s awesome, Zelek! We definitely want to give you the same ability to make maps, you can expect basic mod support after we go into Early Access later this year – and an editor eventually! If you have anything else related to mod support/the editor that you find important, you can let us know here.

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    The couple of SP memories from Rune retail (not Classic).

    Dwarven aqueducts (dwarfmap3a) – I managed to chop off a leg from some unfortunate dwarf. Didn`t take screenshot, sadly.

    Hornbori (dwarfmap5b) – Killed a dangler fish in the beginning with a powered DBH. If we had DBH in Rune classic at this moment, this would be a nice achievement, I guess.

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    Mainly from SP campaign. I remember how thick the atmosphere was from the first moment you get control of Ragnar, with that forlorn wolf howl, setting sun, black silhouette pine forest and so on. But the moment that stuck with me the strongest was that cinematic when you sail to meet Conrack, and Ragnar, his father and the other warriors sail towards that crimson, bloody sunset. That shot is striking! Loaded with so much atmosphere, beauty and dark foreboding.

    Also, when you jump into Loki’s blood near the end and get turned into a Sark. Back then, I did not see that awesomeness coming!

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    Nice! Gaming memories can be magical.

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    Came across my old Rune screenshots folder on an old HDD (looking for something else entirely, but I tend to end up in there every time), and thought of this topic, finding the screenshot I took after my first ever online Rune experience (maybe not really my favorite Rune memory, but definitely one of my fondest):


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    Ah, that’s awesome! Sweet old nostalgia… thanks for sharing!

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    Wow…so many memories…this was my first game and I was recruited into a clan and was in that clan for at least 10 years. I was just looking through some old software and saw my Rune copy, and just did a Google search. I had no idea this sequel was finally being made!!!!!

    BTW, Rune was and always will be WAY BETTER than ANY FPS I’ve ever played.

    It’s my favorite game to this day!!!!!

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    I’m overly excited to find out that Rune is coming back.
    This game ment so much for me.

    Rune was the only game I’ve played where I really contributed to the community.
    I wish I had all the maps I made back in the day. It was amazing to spend months building maps then having a community that instantly would come in and test them and play around with them and just getting geunine feedback as to provide a solid multiplayer Map experience.

    Showing of the secret “rooms” and triggers made it all so much more fun.
    I also painfully remember how it would take RuneED about 2 hours to open on my computer back in the day.


    The clan communities, the fan maps and the tournaments was all my favorite part. Thinking back, Rune’s community was so great, everyone friendly and just helping each other becoming better players. No multiplayer game I’ve played since have matched that community feeling and atmosphere. I met people from all over Europe in real life after they had cut my head off in game.
    And the horrible attempt of trying to rep Norway in the community “world cup” back in 2003/4?

    Can’t wait to see what Ragnarok is going to become. The “simple” combat that was so hard to master has always been my favorite.

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    Probably running the largest server in the game for everything that was rune and perhaps wasn’t.  Umm seeing dpx Hellraiser going 100 and 0 in DM-Lavapit er how was that possible?  And probably the most fun I had was with running MUA torches in slomo and low gravity in DM- Arena  – hilarious!  The Sabre mod was quite fun too!  Favourite maps were by -InI-  I loved their atmospherics in their maps but also from my friends that were mappers, heads up to DPX DarkSoul for his maps and  ofc Bulish!  Oh and ofc I have to mention SkrewBall’s Rune Boxing – haha funny as hell!


    Peace out.


    JeDi Han SoLo

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    It’s so cool to see you all on the forums! Hearing about how important Rune was/is to you gets me even more excited for what’s to come.

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    I’m very late, but these are my favorites:

    1) When I was super new at the game, my best memory was getting trained by one of the coolest people I ever met in a video game, (Dh)Thrice (I think he was also a REY), on how to actually play Multiplayer. I would get destroyed in games and wasn’t sure how people moved around like they did, and he offered to start up a server on 1v1 Arena Classic and spent an hour showing me how to turn on dodging, adjust my FOV for different maps and personal preference, how to time a jump swing into a left or right dodge for a little extra distance and oomph, how to throw and aim the hammers, everything.

    2) Circa 2001-2003, when I was in high school, my mom was super strict about how much video games I was allowed to consume. We didn’t have cable, so I loved our family computer. I had a half hour of PC/Rune time after school, and that was it. A few times I tried to push it and they rigged up a router-specific power cable that went into a wall, and down a floor of the house to our dark, sprawling basement that they could disconnect to disable the internet. Well, I spent months trying to figure out where it was located when they were out of the house. My dad, who actually played Rune also at the time (was in the Old People Clan, -=OPC=-WARF if anyone remembers him) didn’t mind but my mom was dead set against it. Well one fall day, it was their wedding anniversary and they were gifted a night out at a real posh Bed and Breakfast and they took off, obviously not wanting me to play computer all night. Well, the second they left, I was in the basement hunting for the power cable to this mythical extension cord. After 20 minutes I couldn’t believe my luck. Sticking out from an odd nook was the green cord, next to a quad outlet I’d never seen before. I plugged it in, hoping it was the right one and ran upstairs to fire up the computer. Sure enough, that was it. I jumped on Rune, and since it was late there was only one populated server, running a single map in rotation: Now if you’ve never played this map, you have to because between the music, and the jumping at the blocks in the air that presented weapons instead of stars, it was super cool for its time. I don’t remember who’s server it was, or who I played with, but we played that map for probably 5-6 hours straight. People left server, people came, but I was just beyond stoked to have unrestricted Rune time. When I could play no more and was ready to pass out, the last thing I did was unplug that green extension cord, and they never knew that I played Rune for hours upon hours that night. That trick allowed me many other late night games of Rune that I shouldn’t have otherwise had.

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      I remember Thrice and WARF… Both cool cats.

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    Playing FFA with friends, killing them then beating them to death with their own limbs after they respawn 😀
    Ironically it was usually me getting beaten to death with own limbs but it was fun all the same!

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    Oh, there are too many, i don’t think i’ll be able to cherry-pick here. 🙂

    Maybe the very first level in the village, because this is where the story begins, where i later discovered that i can get on the roof of the house and then kill Sigurd by jumping down on him and then proceed to kill every single character in that location with his axe? None of them villagers expected that. Btw, after the initiation fight with Ulf, try throwing a short sword at him. It’s gonna look… funny.

    Should i say it was the Underworld where i’ve left a good thousand of crabs on their backs without legs and goblins without arms alive? They never had a chance, really.

    Hel’s domain? Was very surprised to find new enemies as skeletons and hellish beasts, but i can definitely see why they weren’t on disc, along with Frost Giants.

    Snowy and cold lands of Thorstadt where i’ve spent countless days and nights playing the game “Drink every time Ragnar drinks”? Nah, jsut kidding, i play this game every time i play Rune.

    Totally not the Dwarves part though, i hate their jump attacks. Joke. Loved that one as well.

    But i can say for sure what was the worst part of the game: It’s where it ended.

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    My parens had a friend working at a local internet cafe so I have this memory from 2004 when I would play Rune Deathmatch for HOURS and HOURS and the best part – for free 😀 😀

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    I have a special way to deal with Conrack. It goes like this:

    – МаĐșĐ” sure you have enough rune power for Ally powerup (you found all 4 runes since transforming into Sark and never used them).

    – After the cutscene wait till sarks approach you and quickly hit them all with the Ally powered weapon.

    – When they turn back run across the mountain with the Runestone on top keeping up with their speed.

    – When you come closer to Conrack he’ll attack and sarks will attack him. Enjoy the show.

    They can easily strip him off larger part of health before he wastes them, then you’ll need to finish the job. But I clearly remembered how they once surrounded and punched him in the perfect rhythm, so he stayed in pain state till death. That was hilarious!

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    There’s a great story.My consciousness changed immediately after when I fell at the first location in Rune,from the roof to Sigard on the head and he died and dropped his axe,it was a disappointment.But before I begin to cry as he continued the remark,not only that he even threatened me that he will cut off my hand.Wow!Take it easy dude said I. As he lay face down on the ground,he called me a sheep and thought deeply.I took his big axe and with one fatal flick I cut it into pieces that were scattered all over the map.Even that didn’t stop him.He kept talking.A real Viking doesn’t die.So he happily waited for the Valkyries and appeared in reincarnation in the 6th mission.A real Viking doesn’t die.Only the game in the second part can die. When it turns into an MMORPG with crafting and open world.Die can game in second parts of,Oh pardon,she already died, its’ve been chopped up with an axe as I cut up a Sigard In the first parts of.Good bye Rune.We were good together when we defeated enemies under Odin’s guidance to save the last rune stone.Hello Rune 2.What are you?! What brought you into this world?!I see it’s Loki’s machinations.What kind of evil you gave birth?! I saved the rune stone!!!For the darkness to punish all those who saved your rune stones?! Why does your creation hate us so much?!See,we are not saved Runestones in the first part to meet a worthy continuation of offspring.Ragnarok is not the end of the world.Ragnarok is when someone shits in your soul.Goodbye Rune.I’ve done everything in my power…

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    There was this super cool multiplayer map / mod that allowed you to summon mounts to fly on. It was like a recreation of Valhalla with a giant mountain and flowing rivers. I would go onto those maps and just have tons of fun finding caves and fighting people in the sky with my fiery phoenix mount.

    I also used to switch levels to singleplayer and play against NPC’s with my bro and we’d create bases and modify enemy behavior with command lines. We’d like create armies that battled each other and have our friends hop in.

    The taiwan / arena honor multiplayer servers were awesome. I loved the maps and the honor mentality the players had. I would play with my bro and we’d share a single dialup connection :P. We lagged a bit but we had fun.

    I also used to make maps. I made a map with 2 log cabins, and 1 of the cabins had a couch and an xbox (with custom textures). I made a rudimentary metropolis that had a lake, a bank, a hotel, and a giant forest. It was super fun to have players come in and I could show them all the stuff I built with the unrealed.

    I remember coming into contact with a whole team of noobs on hildir. I mean, I guess you could say I was punching down, but I never slaughtered so many people in the game before. I was on a 100 + killstreak, and enraged multiple times. Other than like Halo 2/3, this is the only game that I trained on to get better. I guess I missed out on HoV, because I only played classic with my bro.

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    Being one of the top 10 Multiplayer leaders, I remember SO much from Rune, yet also so little. I forget names, yet when I have read through some of these posts I’ve started to remember. If you don’t know the name Kenui/Praise you weren’t good enough. Hours and hours and hours of playing this game. Coming up with new battle stances. Learning to keep my weapon sheathed and pull it out just at the right time to kill, just to re-sheath it. “Hiten Style”. I miss the old days and the tournys we would put on with all the best players. I don’t think this game will be the same.

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    Those who were there will remember moments when these phrases were chucked out during many a DM whenever {HSN} were around…

    Merry Christmas
    Hail Satan!
    F**K You Buddy!

    Good times always had with Slayvex, Goblin, Namgorf, Longhorn, Edge, Ixorus, ArcherVB

    I miss the crew. Made for some great evenings and late nights matching everyone’s time zones up. HAIL SATAN!!

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    My favorite Rune memory was being introduced to the game to review it for Pingperfect’s new hosting service for the game. When I first loaded the game to the time I ended for the video shoot and live stream on twitch I was hooked from the title screen.

    I love the game and appreciate the game and the devs for all they have done and are doing. Although I got the basic key free to review the game, I went and bought the God Slayer version on my 2nd account to help support the devs. That would be the first in a long time since I have liked a game enough to do that.

    keep up the great work.

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    I miss crushing it with my -=ROV=- brothers….this is
    -=ROV=- jo$er
    I also would love hosting servers and making friends along the way.

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