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    We need your help, warrior! Your quest is to pledge an oath, get your beta key, and help us crash the servers THIS SATURDAY. If you and your clan are successful on this dangerous voyage, a new island will appear in the next playtest. Who among you is up for the challenge?

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    Just took the oath. Can’t wait to play the game! 😀

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    Awesome! Can’t wait!

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    Ohh I was too late damn!

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    I’ve been nominated by a fellow warrior to receive a Rune Closed Beta key. I filled out the form again as I did two months ago and I haven’t received a Key yet. Where do I find it or do I just wait a bit more ?


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      Hey Amanjon! I will email you to follow up, but there’s a chance it got marked as spam by your email provider.

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    I have taken the oath and if I where to be choosen by the Allfather, when and how would I be able to preload the client?

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      Hello, warrior! We will send out keys via email before Saturday’s playtest, at the latest the day before. You will download the game on Steam.

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      Got chosen by the gods this evening. I thank you and can not wait to meet you all in Midgard!

      The Skalds will be hoarse from singing our sagas. For the Allfather and the end of Ragnarok!

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    did take and oath still no beta key ? i guess i will pass my turn them THX

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    did take and oath still no beta key ?

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    Hi all, if you successfully took the oath (meaning there was no message stating that the keys had been claimed already) and still have not received one – please follow up with us by email at and we will try to get to the bottom of it.

    For all other interested in receiving Closed Beta access – make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media. We will be announcing more opportunities soon. Thanks!

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