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    Hey so, I have something to say about the combat for Rune. Don’t get me wrong, it looks bloody and fun but there is a problem. I saw something interesting on a comment section of some Rune gameplay and the commentor said that the problem is this combat they’re building off of is made for closed and tight arena fighting games like Rune, not exactly open world sandbox games. I don’t think you should remove the open world design and RPG elements, keep em and see how it goes and maybe build off of it for another future game. But combat for Rune may have to evolve to stand toe to toe with todays games. These suggestions are nothing big, but just look at a game like Dark Souls or even better, Bloodborne. Now I know what some of you might be saying, “enough with games being like Dark Souls” and I get that too, but I’m not saying Rune should just directly copy off Dark Souls. However, look what those games and see the design around them. Bloodborne is fast paced and strategic and also makes you think about your surroundings and acting careful. Just look up any video that praises Bloodborne to death and you’ll see what I mean. Those games are all about minding your surroundings, and Rune should look into that to some extent. Since it’s an open world game, that’s the kinda design that you should look into while still keeping the fun of the original Rune. This game has a ton of potential, so I hope it works out either way. Also just add a good dodging mechanic. Like real dodging. Oh and side note: Variety is always good for open world games, so you should look into adding pure fun activities that you unlock along the way and diversity in quests and environments.

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    Thanks for the suggestions Sentry641! Your thoughts are appreciated, I’ll pass them along to the rest of the dev team.

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    Wow, i’ve been away for so so long, i guess all the work and other things have gotten to me. Would be nice to come back and join the discussions if i’m allowed to, so… If i may. But oh my, there has only been 1 suggestion… in May?! But… where is everybody, i thought there’d be tons of posts here already, i thought i was already too late to any sorts of discussions.

    So, i’ve seen the Alpha combat gameplay footage. Yes, well, it is definitely Alpha. The very first thing i’ve noticed was that when the character did that jumping attack from above with what, Dwarven battle axe, he beheaded an enemy. Straight up-down attacks with an axe from behind also severed head. I think it was kinda wrong, things don’t work that way. It takes a slashing move from the side to do that. It’s the angle of the attack that makes all the difference. I think that every severing move should work according to the fundamental laws of anatomy, physics, all that.

    Another thing i’ve noticed was lack of bleeding. I’m not talking about fountains of blood during combat, it’s cool. But in Rune severed limbs, heads, places of cuts, all that did bleed. Also, no marks on characters, like wounds and cuts. But since it’s only Alpha, i guess things will be fixed. One more thing about carrying weapons. I’ve noticed that when switching them, weapons just appeared on the character. In Rune, we got to actually see what we were carrying. Would be nice to have it back.

    As for everything else, i think we need to see more of combat footage to be ready to make suggestions. For now i can only wish for the moving mechanics to be like in the original Rune, not like in Witcher or Dark Souls. So that the player may be able to maintain direct control over the character both in battle and when just walking.

    Also, do we now get to carry lizards with us all the time to heal?

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    Was giving some thought about what made the original Rune combat so appealing. The one thing that keeps coming to mind is the way walking/jumping backwards while engaged in a melee seemed so unique to the game. Slight adjustments in distance from an opponent made all the difference.

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    Maybe add 4 buttons to swing that work separately from directionals …. (so im thinking WASD is directionals and perhaps OJKL are attack) attacks would be top, left, down, and right ….. and if 2 people online happen to pick the reciprocal attack it would cause a clash of some sort or maybe a stun if very close (or perhaps the attack can be stronger/slower if you hold down the attack button and can overpower a weak/faster attack)

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      Sounds a lot like Age of Conan.

      Since Rune II will be a fast paced action game, you are going to use the mouse for aiming, which means you can’t take your hand off the mouse in combat.

      Also, you are able to pick your attack direction through which weapon you use, along with the direction you move while attacking (attacking while strafing left results in a different attack than if you’re moving backwards, or forward, or jumping, etc).

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      Hertig is correct regarding the game’s controls – being able to stun players in battle sounds great, though. Currently, you are able to knock players down and we’ve recently added a stun to PvP – hope this helps!

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    I recently found out that this game was developed and got really excited. I’ve not seen how the combat plays like, but there’s one thing that popped into my mind when I thought about it: The combat really need to be as snappy and responsive as the first one. I mean, the good ol’ Rune combat holds up today. It feels tight and controlled.

    Like someone suggested above that you should look to games by fromsoftware, I kinda agree on that statement. Good combat is good combat regardless, but it should also play well within the game too. However I feel like a good way to go is taking the fundamentals of the first game and improving upon that. If it Feels good to play and the controllers are responsive, then I will gladly play my ass off with this game as well.

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    What i notice during Deathmatch Beta, you can block for example sword attacks with bare hands,and i think that looks not right,hands should be either be chopped of when blocking meele weapon attacks (such as swords,axes) , or be completely unable to block with hands.

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