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    Greetings warriors, I have a couple ideas floating about for when shrines will be implemented in the developing building system. Firstly, the shrine could act like a crafting station allowing players to interact to make offerings to their God, such recipes could be added to make a consumable to reset skill points for stamina/health/attack etc if such a system to reset points is not already in place.

    The second idea, for now, would be complemented by the future plans for mounts and taming. What if players could bring tamed creatures into an ‘invisible zone’ around the shrine to make a sacrifice to their God. Each sacrifice would buff the owners of this town/village for a certain time and its measure is scored by what is sacrificed. I was thinking this boon would benefit crafting in that area such as boosting the strength and yield.

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    Cool ideas, Prismia, thanks for the suggestions! We’re excited to flesh out the rebuildable system.

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