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    I pre-ordered because I loved the original Rune. I’ve enjoyed participating in the betas and looked forward to a Steam key for the game when it ships. Now I see it looks like it’s going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and I do not want any part of the Epic Games Store. So here’s my question: will we pre-order backers who signed up for a Steam key still be getting a Steam key? If not, how do we seek a refund? Thanks in advance.

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    I’m with you on this, when I pre-ordered I was told I would recieve a STEAM key.
    If this Isn’t the case, I’d also like a refund.

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    Similar situation. There is a key from Steam. How do we get access to EGS?

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    FWIW, I’m happy with yesterday’s announcement that we’ll be getting Steam keys. That’s all I was after. As to the Epic Game Store, all you have to do is go to their site and sign up if you wish. I have no intention of supporting a store that is “stealing” games as exclusives. I’m sticking with Steam.

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    why bother? you can refund now and when it hits the steam store next year youll get it half price from G2a or key resellers from all the people who kept/played their epic copies. I took my 50 bucks back ill grab this thing when its dirt cheap on G2a

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    Waiting a an extra year for a steam key that was promised on release? I think they should atleast honour all the backers and pre-orders and give a steam key on day one.

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