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    I noticed A few things within 20 mins of loading the game up that could be done better.

    1. When you first step foot into the character, your given a quest and the quest giver is talking, meanwhile there are popups going by that I can’t even read if I want to listen to the what is being said as well. Maybe have those popup after he speaks?

    2. I noticed that there were things on the ground (mushrooms,green items after a fight etc..) that I could not pick up, they were clearly there and flashing, but my character could not interact with them.

    3. The controller support is horrendous, normally menus should have highlighted words for where the focus is with the controller, using the controller as a mouse to move a cursor is less than ideal.

    4. I wish I understood combat a little better, it just seems like it’s either slash or heavy slash and that’s about it, I can’t really tell what combos are there, if any, and the combat doesn’t feel satisfying. I don’t feel like the characters I am killing feel the like they are getting damaged in some games you can almost feel the enemy being struck. I also did not see any physics with body deformation like in one of the trailers.

    5. Varied Death animations would be nice, instead of the NPC just falling over, As well as a more robust damage system for NPC bodies and world objects.

    6.I have not played long at all, but I think the impression within the first half an hour is important, I will play more but at the moment it just isn’t up to speed yet. This could be a great game, but it definitely needs work, I am excited to see where it goes.

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    Thank you for your feedback! I will pass this along to my team.

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