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    First off, is there a way to disable auto equip new items? I know things have more armor, but i’m wearing low armor with +25 damage for a reason.

    Loki’s sword, everyone has this recipe, most parts are easy… Fire giant blood! I’m level 33 and i’m still 14 short. In the age of fire i’m lucky to find 3 of them, and half the time they don’t even drop it.

    Loki’s sword is one of 4 weapons (going by description) that can kill loki, i’d guessed if i followed thor’s path all the way through i’d maybe get a hammer recipe, 5000bazillion grdgrgrg’s later, all you get is a (pretty damn nice) set of armor. How to get the other weapons?

    Online, since servers maintain what players have done before, it can literally exclude a new player from getting the building paths since everything is built already, can’t seem to find a reset to this.

    The ages, i thought at first getting 8 hand in’s would give an age of fire, it doesn’t, is it fully random each time? (if so, we are as well as just getting 4, and ignoring loki and leaving via the portal)

    Can i have the big horn fitted on my car?


    An edit, i just finished a certain path and got the blueprint for a certain sword. Will update. 205 damage has the tag (god_sharp) can’t be bad =p (it’s called Hofud The Realmkeeper, replica of Heimdalls sword)

    **** SPOILER SPOILER!! ****

    Yeah it killed loki, he didn’t say a word or drop anything… at the end Heimdall gave the choice of returning or ending ragnarok… i returned, i see that dragon flying overhead, next time i’ll take the other option. And there’s still a green lock icon on the map SW of midheim.

    So the other option sounded like you’d start again, with whoever your god was boosting you in a new life, but after a cinematic nothing changes, just back to the world, can’t changed gods, still the green lock icon on map, just you the same. The other legendary weapons are all through crafting, you need to get a ton of gold, and obsidian.

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    Hey there, for each god’s path is just the one Loki killing weapon (besides his own sword) so there are only two per playthrough. There are a couple other weapons that can damage him but not kill him that I will leave you to find… I will make note of the lack of fire giants, others have questioned this as well. Thanks.

    If you get the the Gjallahorn on your vehicle, please post pictures.

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