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    *Action Bar Suggestion no. I:
    – I was thinking about improving the Action Bar system with “filtering options” the player could customize for him/herself: Like ruling out putting arrows automaticly onto the Action Bar (I know that in story mode there are more types of arrows, so this feature could be helpful), so the player could customize what type of items could the Action Bar system handle automaticly.

    *Action Bar Suggestion no. II:
    – There could be also an option for the player to decide which Action Bar heading what type of tools should display:
    for example: He can put a “filter-lock” on the headings where he wants his weapons displayed, and another type of lock onto the ones where he wants his consumables to appear. So I don’t know, these locks could be color-coded, or something.

    This would rule out all the early issues players encounter with while not having anything yet on themselves at the begining of the game, and everything they pick up are automaticly put onto the Action Bar. With this option the players could customize the Action Bar close to their own gaming taste. So when the player customized his/her filter in the way that the arrows should be ruled out, and put into the inventory right away, then when he picks up arrows they will end up instantly in inventory, not on the Action Bar. This idea could be also extended; If an Action Bar Heading is for consumables for example, and if the player uses that consumable from that heading, the system will automaticly put the next consumable to that heading right from the inventory.

    *For the betterment of Inventory usage in a fast-phased game:
    – In short, I think it would be ideal being able to move your character while your Inventory is Open, like for example in World of Warcraft, but Rune is a much more fast phased game, so it would be really helpful if this would be implemented.

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