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    I collected some Ideas of my mind I want to share with the Team.

    – Siege Battles
    You can get to an Island which is your Main Base. You can Build walls and houses and a mighty Army to protect the Island from ongoing Battles. The longer the Siege lasts the more Exp you get, no matter where you are.
    Beginning from things of wood you can finally build up a fort with marmorized walls etc. Statues from your chosen God will give Atk bonuses and heal your units slowly.

    Also it should be possible to take some Vikings with you so you can siege enemy forts too. They can travel in a special military dragon warship. The more men you take with you (up to a max of 8) the faster the boat will be.

    Also for suceeded siege battles you should receive points. With those “Siege Points” you can buy Rare Armor and weapons you will never find in the normal world outside of the siege battles.

    – More living world
    More Npc’s and already finished massive forts with marketplaces for trading Items. You can trade items with Npc like this: 3 Normal Objects for 1 green Object. 3 Green ones for 1 Blue one and so on. Also more Npc’s in the world on the isles because the world is very empty. More FLora and Fauna.

    – Better Talent Trees
    Every God should get his/her own talent tree with up to 40 Skills and Spells. Odin should receive more magical spells while Hel should be able to summon minions (on higher level Minions like giants and so on..), Thor should have less magical spells but more warrior skills with lightning effects and damage. The skill trees should begin with lvl 5 and end with lvl 50.

    – Maximum Level limit
    The new maximum Level Limit should be 60. In upcoming Dlc’s you can raise it up to 100 later!

    – A reset Button
    If you are stuck because of a bug you should have a menu point (when you press esc ingame) which is called: “Reset Teleportation”. This will let you spawn where you placed your boat the last time before you hung up in a tree or something.

    – Slave Workers
    You know the problem. You have to craft things from a quest or something like that but first you must gather ressources even if you dont want to. You should be able to receive some slaves from quests (up to 6 slaves).
    They automatically gather ressources for you. Every 60 Minutes they place some Ressources in a “Slave Chest”.
    Just grab em and craft!^^

    – A new graphic Engine
    The graphics are classic and fine, BUT! it needs to be updated so it comes into this year. Its not difficult to make great graphics with the unreal 4 engine. So go ahead and make it more realistic.

    – New Blood
    New blood effects including chopping off the enemys head and arms etc. depending on where you hit or if you hit critical. This will bring more realism and action into the game mechanics. Also you should bleed out when an arrow sticks in your chest, until you pull it out. Bandages should be shown on the character as long as is health is not 100% again after you used a bandage.

    – Earrings, Mustache Pearls and more
    Yes! We need those Accessoires. They will give you special bonus abilities like: “Theres a chance of 5% that you hit the enemy twice with one hit instead of just one time”. It also should be possible to craft those things in a special hut AND by yourself in the inventory crafting menu.

    – Gods Powers
    Yes we need that! Its not a spell. Its more of…you can solve God quests. If you solve those you get points and with those points you can enchant weapon, armor and so on so they will glow dangerous depending on your chosen god. (Odin blue and icy, thor lightning effetcs and so on). This will also give the weapon a permanent boost so that the atributes a weapon or armor has will be increased by 10%.

    I hope you enjoy this ideas. It is what will make this game great and wonderful. I would be very happy if the team would take some of those ideas (or all^^).

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