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Forums Community General Discussion So going into servers.. to play online, everything goes WTF three frames per sec

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    I don’t know why the client is going weird, it’s a server list, it slows the mouse to unusable..

    9900k 2080ti, it’s on you 🙁

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    They were discussing this in discord last night and I believe a fix was forthcoming.

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      awesome, thanks

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      Edit, bad words, still pissed about it =p

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    We had an issue with the server screen trying to pull too much information at once, there is a patch coming soon. Feel free to join us on the official Discord server here: We appreciate your patience.

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      You could fix the issue by adding local coop for people that want to only play with their significant other and stop milking them for server money.

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    This issue has been resolved with the release of RUNE II Update 0.0.10L. Download the update and give it a try!

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