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    Here’s a look at some of the shields in Rune! Which will you use to defend your Viking honor?

    If you haven’t already, check out Rune’s Facebook album of concept and production art! We’ll be adding to it every week.¬†

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    Hey, James. Thanks for sharing!

    I really like the third. The byzantine/slavic design kite shields were rather common in our lands. I guess it’s good for protecting your legs too.

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      Yes! The kite shield is sweet, looks so classic. Never thought about the leg protection, that’s cool!

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    The standard round viking shield is my favourite every single day of the week. Just love the simplicity of it. The serpent looks really cool and the colour scheme reminds me of a runestone (althought then it’s the other way around with the serpent being red and the rock being gray).

    I’d love to see more shield patterns, and I’d like to ask a quick question. Can you choose what shield patterns you want when you’re making your shield?

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      They are pretty awesome! I’ll try to post more as they get finished. To answer your question, we do not have that in the game currently but we are interested in adding it later.

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