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    When we announced Rune: Ragnarok in August, we were blown away by the initial response. Since then, the game and community have grown significantly, and because of this, we thought it was time for a change.

    We now see Rune as lasting beyond Ragnarok and beyond the Nine Realms, so henceforth and forevermore Rune: Ragnarok will be called Rune. That’s right – just Rune.

    Wait! How do we talk about the glory of Rune (circa 2000)? In the spirit of renaming things, feel free to throw around Rune Classic to differentiate the games.

    What does this mean? Well, nothing really except the game has gotten bigger. For now, the main storyline is the same – Ragnarok is still ripping apart the Nine Realms and spreading devastation throughout the lands. Meanwhile, Loki revels in the chaos he’s caused and the destruction that’s ensued.

    Ragnarok will never end.

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    Well, we can always use dates to differentiate them. We have Rune (2000) and Rune (tba). 🙂

    When you say “The game has gotten bigger,” does that mean the scope of the game has increased?

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    I loved the title, but I admit it could confuse people with some another licences using the name Ragnarok. Now, it will seem that it’s a remake of the old Rune game. The advantage of a second name in the title is that it indicates more clearly the fact that it’s a different game and probably different story and times, not just a reboot or else, without simply putting a number 2.

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    Well, actually it does make more sense to name it simply Rune, to differentiate it you could just refer to it as Rune 2000, 2001… 2018, etc. and maybe the year should be added as a subtitle of the game, just for reference.

    Rune being the original name is better to stick to it, it has a history of its own, a name that endured over the years… which says something about the game.

    How about reviving the old domain name as well?
    We could have both domain names point to the same website, if nothing else, but I’m sure there can be a better use for the original domain name, other than just redirecting to the current website.

    I am glad you guys decided to stick with the original title and nothing more.

    Hail Rune!!

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    Good call.  ‘Rune Ragnarok’ sounds like a game that isn’t ‘Rune’, but wanted to be called ‘Rune’ and couldn’t get that name because of copyright.  You have the copyright. And that is rad.


    In the spirit of that, I have one more suggestion. Something to further cement that idea. That is simply to bring back the RUNE Logo being in a similar font as the original, and in the same vein of general design. I think it may be good for Brand recognition.  I’m not a marketing expert, or anything. But nearly every other Rune before this sort of had that general shape in it’s Lettering.

    You got the shape of it here.

    Shape and color here.


    ‘Almost the same shape, general feel and same color here.


    ‘The font up in the corner saying ‘Rune Required’ Same Shape of lettering.



    I mean, all the lettering of the Game really feels like it’s connected to this sort of ‘look’

    I mean, that ‘R” is used on the actually executables for maps.


    I just think it might be worther reconsidering your current ‘RUNE’ logo and it’s font. Just my two bits.

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      Sounds like a good idea. Also why not just call it Rune 2?

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      Numbering games has quite a bad connotation. Just calling it RUNE is fine, imho.

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      You mean like people thinking that they have to play the first one, possibly turning them away?

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      No, I mean it sounds lazy and is aesthetically unpleasant.

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      Oh, ok. I see what you mean.

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    I feel like this is because of people making Thor:Ragnarok jokes, and it real annoys me.

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      Yeah, I read “bore ragnarok” so many times in the comments… Also I believe there are a couple of games with “Ragnarok” in the title. Maybe they just didn’t want to sound generic.

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      Oh yea, thats true too. Tons of games. Its a shame that its also because , cause Rune did Ragnarok before all of that. Speaking of the comments and stuff, have you noticed how not many people are covering this game?

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      Hype is quite low still, that’s true. But I’d rather have a game underhyped as long as it’s in alpha. If the final product is good people will cover it, I’m sure.

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    Hmmmm…why is that ?

    RR wasn´t a bad name at all……………anyway,

    as long as there´s a going to be a kickass RUNE going to happen

    I´M IN !!!

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    This is great. I 100% agree Human Head. “Rune” is all it needs to be. Those of us that know……know.

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    I didn’t mind Rune; Ragnarok. It was ok, and it was INFINITELY better than sticking a lazy “2” after it. Ah well, no big deal. “Rune” works for me, as it’s been dormant for so long anyway.


    As for the logo…


    While I do like the finish on the current logo, the font does bother me. It doesn’t evoke any thoughts of norse mythology or culture, or runes. While I’m fine with if they’re happy with it and decide to keep the current logo, I still have a few ideas that I might upload, just in case they even remotely consider redesigning it closer to release.

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      I think now might be the best time to do it in regards to the logo. That is, if they choose to do so. Mostly because all the confusion over the rename anyway, and might as well get everything overhauled at once.


      I believe they have some draft work of a RUNE logo text that looked very similar to the original lettering, but jazzed up a bit. I remember seeing a sort of sketch of it and thinking ‘why didn’t they use something more like that’?

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      I don’t see anything wrong with the new logo. It looks much better to me than the old one which seems to scream “90s gaming”.

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    Quickly doodled this.



    Didn’t turn out well, but the general idea is there. Make it looks like hammered out metal, much like the current logo, with very sharpened edges. I approached it thinking each letter should look like a bit of sharpened iron you can pick up and kill someone with fairly easily. They also have a more runic look.

    Also further down is just a rough idea I had on the same concept of the letters as weapons, but taken further. So there you have my “R”-axe. Or Raxe.



    Actually, making a very distinct “R” Rune icon, and call it the “Raxe” sounds pretty neat….

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    Interesting, when I first heard of the name Rune Ragnarok I thought it seemed a little too generic. I am guessing one of the million other games that uses the word ragnarok in their name contacted you and that is the real reason you are no longer using it?

    I do think Rune is the better choice though, it is short and powerful and it already has a good reputation.

    Will you still be using the word Ragnarok to promote the game? Will you keep using this domain instead of It is a shame you never got control of the domain name

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    im absolutely not a fan of recycling a used name for a game. there already is a “rune” game and its rune. how do you keep the games apart when searching for mods, clans or guides? easy – you dont. u’ll get mixed results for everything and its hella annoying.

    apparently rune ragnarok isnt going to have anything in common with rune except for “vikings” and “melee fights” – naming the new rune rune is taking away rune from the actual rune fans. don’t rune-it.

    but tbh from what we know at this point i dont see why you desperately want to call the game “rune”, since apparently rune ragnarok has more in common with other games than rune – you could very well use any other name connected with norse mythology.

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