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    • No harassment, threats, or bullying
    • No profanity
    • No witch hunting / posting anyone’s personal information
    • No spam
    • No NSFW content


    Users failing to comply with the posting rules will have their posts edited or deleted altogether at the discretion of the forum moderators. Excessive abuse of the forums will result in suspension or perma-banning.

    Tier 1:

    Post may be edited

    • Minor insults aimed at a moderator or user, including but not limited to: “idiot,” “moron,” “child,” “loser,” etc.
    • Mild profanity

    Tier 2:

    Post may be deleted

    • Use of excessive profanity
    • Comment spamming (not bot)
    • Threads posted to the incorrect forum

    Tier 3:

    Post will be deleted and user will face temporary suspension

    • Direct, aggressive personal insults
    • Moderately NSFW content
    • Witch hunting
    • Leaking exclusive founders content to general forums
    • Bot spam activity

    Tier 4:

    Post will be deleted and user will face permanent suspension

    • Impersonation of a moderator or developer
    • Illegal content (copyright infringement, illegal pornographic content)
    • Excessive personal insults targeting a demographic of any kind / extreme harassment
    • Violent or threatening content
    • Pornography or highly NSFW content
    • Repeated violations: exclusive founders content posted to general forums
    • Doxxing

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